“No certainty in attending Parliament” – PPP still undecided


By Fareeza Haniff

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee. [iNews' Photo]
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) is still to decide as to whether it will participate in the 11th Parliament, which is scheduled to be opened on June 10.

General Secretary of the Party, Clement Rohee told iNews during a telephone interview on Friday, June 05 that the PPP/C is still “in consultations” and that no list has been submitted to the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) as yet naming its parliamentarians.

“We haven’t made any decision…there is no certainty,” Rohee told iNews. When probed, he could not say how soon a decision would be made. GECOM has already stated that it will proceed full speed ahead to gazette the May 11, 2015 General and Regional Elections without the list of Members of Parliament for the PPP/C.Government Members of Parliament stand in solidarity with Priya Manickchand

Additionally, President David Granger has officially proclaimed that the 11th Parliament will convene at 14:00hrs on Wednesday, June 10; therefore it is highly unlikely that the PPP/C will attend the first sitting of the National Assembly.

Following its defeat at the May 11 polls after being in government for some 23 years, the PPP commenced several protest actions, alleging that the elections were “rigged” by GECOM and the APNU+AFC.

Recently, US Charge d’ Affaires Bryan Hunt urged the PPP/C to accept the status of being Guyana’s political opposition by taking its 32 out of 65 seats in the National Assembly and taking part in the governance of Guyana.


He posited that 49% of Guyana’s electorate voted for the Party and wanted to see the PPP play a role in governance; therefore they should not fail those persons who voted for them at the May 11 polls.



  1. A legitimate request from a sugar union has been greeted with some very nasty , slanderous and libellous comments . Wouldn’t the improvement of the sugar industry redound to the benefit of the entire country? Pity these poor fellows who show a complete lack of objectivity in their comments. What happened to the “moderation” of INEWS?

  2. This is ridiculous what happen to the 49% people isn’t their interest above Freedum house interest. These people behave as if they lost their birth right. Let me tell where you lost the election by one vote.
    1. To retain Donald after he was rejected the last time. They man can’t speak, he only sucking back his dribbles.
    2. Selecting Ms Harper who was not known to the electorate the day before her nomination. Ms Birkett would have rallied more people.
    3. Refusing to debate your vision to run the people’s country, further refusing to meet with the UG student, young people who were energize and form part of the majority of the electors. Obviously the rejected you and relegate you to opposition.
    4. To get rid to the blatant thieves Irfan, Robert, the pimp Nandalall, the square peg Goatman and Julius girl Coy. You find favours in these vermins and expect the nation to trust your party which was wrong to Behri he was set up collateral damage.

    What PPP need to do is to elect a young leader and send him and others to parliament and prepare for next 5 years . Barat out, Donald dump, Gail railed, Lunchman send to dinner and allow you buds to flourish.

    Guyana would be a better place next five 5 when the Coalition put up it youths for new Government also. the youths have to take this country forward these grandfathers still live in 1964.

  3. If GECOM, the coalition and the abc countries are so confident the elections were free and fair and not rigged. How is there no talk about the fake sop’s?? If there is confidence of free and fair elections then why deny the PPPC a total recount and complete forensic audit?? Something doesn’t seem right that in every other country in the world, with results as close as this election the commission has continuously denied and ignored the democratic right of the PPPC and allowed the recount! The surfacing of fake sop’s has indeed cast a doubt over the legitimacy of the coalition “win.” How can any conscious minded person and true patriots really feel proud and satisfied that the elections were free and fair?

  4. Like someone said before, if they do not show, they should not be paid. It applies to all, why not them?

  5. Jagdeo said he is not interested in public office, so he has to sit in his private office on his porcelain bowl. The PPP won’t be missed if he boycotts Parliament.

  6. If the PPP feel strongly and have evidence that the election was rigged, then they should put it out for the world to see and if this is compelling – I agree they should keep away from parliament because it would be end of the matter. Why the opposition to recount the votes. If I was the winning party, I would say do it. Guyana need to change the law to elect the majority of one party the winner rather than the joining of losers to get the majority to be the winner. Too bad the PPP didn’t see this law as their easy defeat.

  7. wow mr rohee, you are living the guyana , dream, , from a bycle thief under metropole cinema, to ppp member, to a mp, a minister, and minster of home affirs,
    and general secetary of ppp, , hahaha
    you are amazing, dont worry, you cant sit in parlement, because you cannot represent anyone,
    there is a special set of orange jumpsuit, waiting for you to put on, i hope they have the correct size, and the rest of you your members, you cannot, go to the abc countries, they have at the airport, waiting for you guys,

    try north koero, i hope this will motaviate you to move a little bit further, as it relates to distance,,,our jails are very clean, if its not, we have your kind to clean , it


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