No basis for President, Attorney General to receive tax-free salary, says MP Ramson Jr.


PPP/C Member of Parliament, Charles S. Ramson Jr. is of the view that the President and Attorney General should lead by example and have the necessary taxes deducted from their salary as there is no basis for either position to attract a tax-free salary especially when one considers the “largesse of the state they receive with all the benefits and their expenses being covered”.

PPP/C MP, Charles Ramson Jr.
PPP/C MP, Charles Ramson Jr.

In a press release issued today, Ramson Jr. said the 2016 national budget speech argues that this budget seeks to address inequalities and discrimination with a heavy emphasis on increased taxes/licences and tax collection especially from the persons who are categorised as ‘self-employed’.

He posited that the credibility (and compliance) of this case would be legitimately advanced were the President and the Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs to pay tax on their ‘public service’ salary.

“Another budget presented in the Parliament and yet another failed opportunity for President Granger to address the issue of his ‘public service’ non-taxable salary along with that of his Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs,” the MP added. 

Ramson Jr. reasoned that the argument of “who started it” and “well yall used to get it” can no longer be tenable. “It would be interesting to note that had both of them paid tax on their salary of almost $24m a year each the treasury would be almost $16m richer per year (33% of ($48m-$600,000). That can buy many boots, boats and buses”, the MP added.    



  1. I often wondered why this anomaly existed. We ought to lead by example. Everyone, and I mean everyone, starting from now should pay their fair share of taxes. This will raise the bar of transparency and equality.

  2. I agree a smart idea and that is how it should be lead by example. Even the leaders of better off countries financially pays their share of taxes.

  3. Extremely valid point indeed MP Ramson. It is unfortunate that the current administration has opted to prepare themselves and financiers with a “get rich” emphasis on salary increases and awarding of projects without any tender process. Maybe they are fearful that their tenure in office may be quite short and are trying as quickly as possible to fill their pockets at the expense of the average Joe.

  4. Agreed!….. but make it retroactive to all the holders/recipients in those positions,including the tax chief. etc……let the refunds begin…….a disgrace in a ”socialist” constitution” .
    Where is the hypocrite ”Freedumb House” stance in all of this?


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