No arrests in Republic Park robbery


Police are now hunting three men who executed a daring robbery on a Republic Park, East Bank Demerara family a few days ago.

Reports revealed that the gunmen broke into the home of Ryan Rajmangal in the wee hours of Thursday and robbed him of cash and other items. The incident was caught on a hidden camera in the home.

The man’s wife thought that something was amiss since she kept calling out to her husband and was not getting any response.

It was then that she decided to check her security camera, which was remotely connected to her mobile phone, and became aware of the invasion.

The woman said that after seeing strange persons in her home she decided to call the police and a cousin. At the time of the robbery, Rajmangal was at home with four of his children, aged five to 11-years-old.

One of the bandits in the house on Thursday last

He recalled that it was about 07:58h on the day in question when he was leaving the house that he saw the men scaling the fence. They were reportedly dressed in construction clothing, complete with the reflector vests and even masks to protect them from the coronavirus.

He noted that two of them were armed with handguns.

Upon gaining entry into the yard, the armed men held Rajmangal at gunpoint and took him into the house and quickly rounded up his four children.

According to the businessman, the men had no clue that a hidden security camera was capturing their every move.

In the CTTV footage captured, the men were seen stuffing items into a bag. Also, one of them was seen leading three children from a table in the living area where they were placed on a chair.

The gunmen later tied up and gagged Rajmangal along with his domestic worker.

The businessman, without hesitation, complied with the orders of the men who demanded cash and jewellery.

Rajmangal told Police that the men escaped with millions of dollars in jewellery and cash. They also left with bags of items they gathered up including cell phones and iPads.

The businessman also confirmed that while the robbery was going on, his wife was franticly calling him but he held out that he had already left for work.

Meanwhile, Rajmangal noted that upon realising what was happening, his wife contacted the police and a relative. Upon arriving at the house, the relative continuously pressed the buzzer. This prompted the men to rush towards the gate where they held up his wife’s cousin and relieved him of his phone and the jewellery he was wearing at the time.

They then made their way into a waiting motor car which sped off the scene.

Regional Commander Simon McBean, when contacted on Sunday, told Guyana Times that no arrests were made in connection with the robbery but the police have since reviewed the CCTV footage and have dusted the area for fingerprints. Investigations are ongoing.