“No amount of propaganda” will hide truth about the security sector –Opposition Coalition


[www.inewsguyana.com] – A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Coalition is refuting recent remarks by the Home Affairs Ministry to the effect that the Security Sector is intact.

The Home Affairs Ministry has accused Presidential Candidate for the (APNU/AFC) coalition, David Granger of being “disingenuous” about issues concerning the security sector. A release from the Ministry headed by Clement Rohee on Monday pointed to what it claims to be several misleading statements allegedly made by Granger.

“Mr David Granger is either blind or deaf.  He has conveniently ignored… the significant investments and progress Government has made in the security sector. Mr Granger has obviously done so for political reasons.  He has chosen once again to use the security sector as a political football,” a statement from the Ministry had pointed out.

But APNU/AFC in a statement on Tuesday retorted that the “propaganda” being spilled by the Ministry will not mask the wrongs of the security sector.“Clement Rohee needs to stop being deaf to the plight of the people of Guyana who in the latest LAPOP survey registered a total lack of confidence in the Guyana Police Force. Mr. Rohee seems to be blind to these facts and continues to exhibit the same incompetence and neglect of duty that warranted a vote of no confidence against him in the 10th Parliament of Guyana,” the statement noted. 

According to the APNU/AFC release, the facts show that there is nothing to celebrate in the security sector, despite the propaganda that the Security Minister wants to peddle. “No amount of propaganda can erase the fact that in relation to traffic, there was 146 road fatalities, up from 135 recorded at the end of last year (2014). No press release bashing Granger can erase the fact that 147 Guyanese citizens were murdered in 2014 and unfortunately the trend continue in 2015,” the release added.

The coalition said that if it is elected to government it will put measures in place to ensure that Guyanese live in safe environment. “APNU+AFC coalition intends to invest in retraining and re-equipping of the Guyana Police Force”

“It is a travesty that and shows the depths of depravity that Rohee and the PPP/C administration would make attempt to make political hay out of the current security crisis,” the statement also relayed.