NIS launches electronic data transfer option for employers


In observance of its 50th anniversary, the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) Friday hosted an Open Day where it also launched an electronic mode of data transfer for employers, which will reduce long waiting time and resources.

Public Relations Officer, Dellon Davidson explained that employers will now have a hassle-free mode of transferring documents with regards to employee information.

He added that the NIS plans to have payments become easier for employers in the near future, which will see contributions being paid through the banks.

Davidson told Inews that the online service will be important for employers who have businesses in far-flung areas. The service, he noted, will ensure that necessary documents are submitted in a timely manner.

“For employers who have problems coming into the (National Insurance) Scheme, joining the long lines for payments, we are making it more convenient and more feasible for persons to make their contributions online through the submission and on a later date, we will be offering payments online,” Davidson shared.

Employers can make use of this service by logging onto the agency’s website at ‘’.

Before this new initiative, workers were mandated to submit monthly documents with employees’ information, which were filled out manually. With the new system, paper will be conserved, as well as time and energy.


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