Nigel Williams confirmed as new Editor of Chronicle Newspaper

Nigel Williams
Nigel Williams

[] – The Guyana Chronicle Newspaper will have a new Editor – in – Chief effective September 01, 2015 in the person of Nigel Williams, who previously served as the Editor – in – Chief of the Opposition aligned, Guyana Times Newspaper.

The deal was sealed on Tuesday, August 25, with the signing of the contract between Williams and the Company’s General Manager, Michael Gordon.

The current Acting Editor-in-Chief, Mark Ramotar, remains in the employ of the Company; however it is unclear at this time as to what position he will be placed.

Mark Ramotar has been Head of Chronicle’s Newsroom and Editorial Department for the past eight years.

INews was reliably informed that he had offered to tender his resignation when the new APNU+AFC government was sworn into office.

However, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo declined to accept Ramotar’s resignation, in fact advising him to stay on at the Chronicle.



  1. Gary Shut up and take a back seat on this one. This is political ethnic cleansing not one race killing the other.

    Sine this de facto Government came into office have you noticed how many qualified Indo Guyanese has been removed from their jobs. For those Indo Guyanese who have been removed or fired how many were replaced by Indo Guyanese.

    Call it what you want it does not matter to me however one cannot deny that this is indeed racially inclined.

  2. it was class struggle between the ppp. and of then think that can do no more but be a latrice,so they do not like equality for all


  3. Only one race in this country counts . And u will see come LGE time only only one race will be prominent as employees at gecom . And for Emile Mervin did u know the chief justice is acting as well amongst many other persons who hold high offices for years . But then again I won’t expect u to be unbiased

  4. West Dem, you need to stop saying ethnic cleansing. Obviously you don’t know what you are talking about. You just repeating what the other soupies are saying. Now let me tell you what ethnic cleansing means. It means one race is killing another race, eg Africa. Guyana has never had ethnic cleaning. Now that I have enlighten you, it is wise for you to stop being ignorant.

  5. De Facto Government? Let the PPP proclaim THAT in the parliament. I jumped ship. I am not convinced that I made a mistake! L and U … Is there…. Open up…

  6. Yes that is 100% true, when will it stop. When is Linden pay the same electric rate as the rest of the country. are they superior to the rest of the country. They have more than any other part of Guyana. shame on this Govt. not to have any thing in the Budget to have Lindeners pay there fair share.

  7. And so more ethnic cleansing continues under this APNU+AFC=PNC de facto Government.

    For those who jumped ship do you realize what a big mistake you made in your life.

    During their election campaign they blared LOVE & UNITY.

    Now that they are in Government that L&U has not materialized.

    Qualified Indians continue to be overlooked or simply fired due to their political affiliation.


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