Nigel Hughes is on a break – AFC

Nigel Hughes

kathy hugesLeader of the Alliance for Change (AFC) Khemraj Ramjattan says in the face of their rejection of Nigel Hughes resignation, Hughes has agreed to take some time out after which he will return to the Party.

The Party was taken to task about Hughes’ involvement with Amaila Falls Hydro Inc and their role in the political arena.

At a press conference today, Ramjattan explained that this is a normal practice whereby lawyers would serve as Company Secretaries for foreign companies until they are fully set up locally.

He says this practice has been there for years and that the lawyers in politics also have their professional lives.

But the main point of Hughes’ wife and AFC parliamentarian Cathy Hughes is that there is no maneuvering in the AFC to suit their client.

Mrs.  Hughes is the Public Relations Officer of Sithe Global.

The AFC also defended Nigel and Cathy Hughes by stating that they have never strayed from the party’s position or tried to change it in favour of Sithe global.

In addition, Mr Hughes, they said had recused himself from the internal discussions on Sithe Global and the Amaila Falls Project.

Cathy Hughes also rejected Kaieteur News’ allegation that she and her husband were unreachable when they published the so-called ‘expose’.

According to her, no call was made to their phones by the newspaper.



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