New roads being built in Mackenzie, Wismar


Residents of the communities of Mackenzie and Wismar, Region Ten, will soon have better access to their homes. According to GINA, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure is currently constructing several roads in the communities.

GINA quoted Avinash Dyal Suresh, contractor from Jagmohan Construction, as saying that six internal roads along with the drains will be done. The works commenced recently.

Contractors applying asphalt on a road in Mackenzie, Linden
Contractors applying asphalt on a road in Mackenzie, Linden

Suresh explained that the project will be completed soon despite the challenges faced as a result of the inclement weather.

“We are doing for both Wismar and Mackenzie and so far, we’re doing well in terms of timing. The only thing we had set back with was the weather condition, but we are on schedule,” Suresh said.

It is also expected that Mackenzie and Wismar will benefit from a $2 billion bridge across the Demerara River which will replace the current one.



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