New restaurant to open doors to public on Thursday


IMG-20130723-01560Footsteps United Centre at Camp and Regent Streets today introduced the media to their new addition of Restaurant and Bar, which is located on the roof of the mega store.

During a tour of the facility today, ‘Gravity Lounge’ boast of an indoor and outdoor restaurant of local and international cuisine, sports bar and a elevated VIP lounge with a seating capacity of over 400.

The new addition will cater for the growing demand of tourism drive products for the country.

General Manager of Gravity Lounge Navin Singh said the ambiance and cuisine will have a positive impact on the local tourism. He noted that they have consulted a Chef from Panama who will be training the locals.

Singh explained that there are over 45 employees at the facility, but the company officials are looking for more staff.

He related that the staff was given support from the Ministry of Tourism and they will continue to have training sessions to meet the high demand. The facility will be opened to the public on Thursday July 25. [Nickhail Jaundoo]



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