Labour Ministry to inspect businesses for compliance of minimum wage


The Ministry of Labour is slated to inspect businesses for compliance to the new national minimum wage order.

In an invited comment today, Labour Minister Dr Nanda Gopaul said, although businesses were given up to July 1 to implement the new wage, there has been calls to the ministry about non-compliance.

Checks by this new site to some city stores have found this to indeed be the case. Staff, who preferred to remain anonymous, for obvious reasons, confirmed that they have not been receiving the new wage stipulated by the order.

At one store, iNews was told that those employees who were employed for five or more years were being paid more than the required weekly wage of $8,000 while new employees are being paid below.

The new national minimum wage was announced at the end of May by Secretary to the Cabinet Dr Roger Luncheon.

It was announced that for workers employed on a monthly basis they would now be paid $35,000, weekly workers $8,000 and for hourly workers, $200.

Since the announcement, security services operators have voiced mixed opinions on the initiative in the press. While it was welcomed by some, others have criticised it saying it would be the death of their businesses. [Delicia Fletcher]



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