New NGO invited to collaborate with Govt’s ‘Every Child Safe’ programme

Minister of Human Services and Social Security Dr Vindhya Persaud

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr. Vindhya Persaud, MP has invited the newly launched Grace and Mercy Youth Foundation to join with her ministry’s “Every Child Safe” programme to support Guyanese children.

The non-governmental organisation was launched Thursday evening at the Herdmanston Lodge, and will provide support and mentorship to youths.

Minister Persaud believes that the dreams of youths can be realised and that such collaboration could open doors for young people, creating opportunities for them to realise those dreams.

The all-female foundation with a teen at its helm, was invited to liaise with the ministry.

“I think this will be the perfect niche for you to collaborate with us, where we work with all communities across the country, engaging them in such a way that after our interface, and perhaps more engagements, with groups like yours, we can lead them stronger, and more motivated to keep every child safe,” Minister Persaud said.

The “Every Child Safe” programme is a three-year campaign that will see ministry officials, through the Childcare and Protection Agency, travelling across the country and working with communities in a personal way. Persons will be trained on how to detect child abuse and what actions should be taken if such issues are encountered.

President of the youth foundation, Aaliya Greavesande- Singh said the organisation is open to all children.

“As people we have a responsibility to open doors, pathways for children regardless of financial status, or family circumstances, every child deserves access to campus opportunities.”

Additionally, a mentorship programme under the name ‘Mentor Point’ will be launched soon. The initiative will facilitate children transitioning out of state care. Persons interested in sponsoring the Grace and Mercy Youth Foundation can do so via email: Grace&[email protected]