New Linden Mayoral elect to focus on waste management


With full house participation at the Linden Town Council’s boardroom, the majority voted for a secret ballot nomination for the mayoral election.

Councillor, Waneka Arrindell, Linden’s two- time serving Deputy Mayor, was selected and voted in as the new Mayor of Linden for the period of 2018.

(Left) Wainewright Bethune, Deputy Mayor-elect shakes hand with Waneka Arrindell, Mayor-elect for Linden

Arrindell expressed delight in being voted in as the new Chief Citizen and called for teamwork to ensure continued progress in 2018. The Mayor-elect explained, for the new year she will continue to focus on uncompleted 2017 projects.

“There is the initial working on our garbage collection which has been in a horrible state for a while; but we are in the process of procuring those trucks that will be able to alleviate those problems. There is also the issue of the roadways; but we are grateful for the opening of the toll booths that will assist us to patch some of the holes”, Arrindell outlined.

Meanwhile Deputy Mayor-elect Wainewright Bethune, who won with two votes against Councillor Leroy James, said that whatever his designation, he is willing to serve his town. Bethune also noted that waste management will be one of the main focuses for the council in 2018.

“There is a lot we did before, and we are doing. Some of those things are kind of dormant, so it is just to pick up from there and focus more on waste management which is a big issue in Linden…And generally all the basic municipality issues we have in and around here”, said Bethune.

Councillor, Deron John was re-elected to continue his service in the capacity as the Head of the Finance Committee.


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