NEW GPC donates fire prevention materials to Fire Service

New GPC’s Marketing Manager Elizabeth Ram handing over the materials to Fire Prevention Officer Nigel Gravesande in the company of other officers

NEW GPC Inc. in fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), has once again contributed to ongoing efforts by the Guyana Fire Service’s to sensitize the public on fire prevention measures.

The local pharmaceutical company handed over approximately 2500 pieces of materials on fire safety and prevention practices.

The donation was held at the Guyana Fire Service’s Headquarters, downtown Georgetown.

New GPC’s Marketing Manager, Elizabeth Ram, explained that this is the company’s fifth year in supplying materials needed by the Fire Service to boost its prevention and safety drive.

“It is very important for people to be aware of what needs to be done, measures that needs to be taken, precautions that needs to be put into place because a fire is not just a one off thing, its takes your whole future with you so we are very much pleased to be on board for another year and we will continue to support and spread the information that needs to be out there as much as possible” Ram explained.

Following the brief presentation ceremony, Fire Prevention Officer within the Guyana Fire Service, Nigel Gravesande, disclosed that these materials will particularly be helpful with sensitization efforts in the hinterland regions.

“It would be a great boost for us given the fact that these flyers can go into the hinterland areas for those people who are not prevalent in terms of fire officers and so forth” the Officer expressed.

Gravesande went onto express appreciation to New GPC Inc. for its support over the past years, while calling on other companies to follow suit and fulfill their corporate responsibility.


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