New Forest, East Canje to get first-time electricity supply by July


New Forest, East Canje Berbice, Region Six, and its surrounding communities will be able to access electricity for the first time by the end of July, thereby improving the quality of life of the residents.

This was announced by the Senior Minister within the Office of the President with responsibility for Finance and Public Service, Dr Ashni Singh during his visit to the community on Sunday.

The decision was made by President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali after he visited the community two weeks ago when the lack of accessibility to electricity was raised by residents.

“We are going to be moving immediately to connect New Forest to the Canefield Power Station so that residents in New Forest can access electricity. I have brought the Zone Manager for Berbice Guyana Power and Light Inc (GPL), Mr Jagnandan, and have instructed him on the president’s behalf that the posts are planted immediately,” the minister explained.

After the posts are planted, the transmission lines are to be installed along those posts and connection from the national grid to the lines will commence right after.

“And Mr Jagnandan will be pushing aggressively on this because I would like this project to be completed before the end of July of this year,” Minister Singh asserted.

Access to electricity will improve the comfort of residents within their homes and enhance security within the village.

It will also increase the output of work done by residents which will greatly aid in the development of the country.

Meanwhile, Minister Singh said that electricity will be brought to those other communities in the region that are close to the national grid in Canefield and have sufficient population density to justify the electrical cost.

This is a part of the government’s approach to expanding energy infrastructure across the country, especially in those remote areas.