New firm seeks to offer world-class real estate services in Guyana


A new local real estate agency, Guyana Properties (GP) has been launched and its aim is to bring world-class real estate services to Guyana.

The company’s principals include Guyanese cricketer Shivnarine Chanderpaul, local businessmen Surendra RK Thakoorpersad and Paul Ramkissoon, and Myrna B. Nieves.

Among the services this new firm offers are owner representation, transport/title/deeds services, property appraisal and valuation and large scale real estate development marketing.

Thakoorpersad, a successful entrepreneur with multiple businesses and decades of real estate experience in both the United States and Guyana, explained that “being an expat and having been involved in real estate in North America, I see a need for me to transfer my knowledge to Guyana.”

He added, “I see a tremendous need for real estate services in Guyana.”

Nieves, a successful US-based business leader with decades of experience in the financial services and real estate industry, explained that “presently GP is in the middle of our soft launch in Guyana meaning only four of our eventual dozen-plus service offerings are available. Our grand opening is scheduled for fourth-quarter 2021 and we are excited to offer a full range of services to Guyanese and individuals interested in real estate in Guyana.”

Meanwhile, Chanderpaul posited that “everyday things that are taken for granted in first world countries are missing in Guyana. I want my business, GP, to be all about providing that world class level of real estate service to each and every Guyanese.”

He added, “You can rely on GP for all your real estate needs,” and later poetically quibbed, “Guyana Properties, we are here to change the game!”

The firm will be working closely with Gunraj and Company, which is headed by local attorney Sase Gunraj.