New European style Bakery pries at Guyana market

Managing Director, Rochelle Parasram

By Jomo Paul

Bread 1[]– A few young entrepreneurs noticed a gap in the bakery industry in Guyana and thought of filling that void by introducing a European panache baking establishment that would offer a variety of pastries and breads at affordable prices to Guyanese, hence Fernandes Breadbox was opened a few days ago.

The baking establishment, located on lower Middle Street, Georgetown, but originally from Suriname, offers more than five different types of bread and according to Managing Director Rochelle Parasram, the company is offering true whole wheat bread that has been a hit since the bakery opened its doors to the public.

“We wanted to offer to the Guyanese a healthier option of bread and we also wanted to offer Guyanese a finer option of bread,” said Parasram.Bread 2

She told iNews that Breadbox wanted step out of the realm of traditional bakeries in Guyana and provide a more modern environment; as such in addition to bread and pastries, they offer a variety of peanut butter spreads, ice cream, juices and packaged products.

Managing Director, Rochelle Parasram
Managing Director, Rochelle Parasram

One of the more popular packaged products that the customers have taken a liking to is the packaged roti which is being sold at a very low price.

“You always come into the store you have a nice aroma in the air and you have freshly baked products…It was a challenge and a risk bringing packaged roti to Guyana…but its more convenient,” she stated.

It was noted that there are plans to open two other branches of Fernandes Breadbox – one in central Georgetown and another on the East Bank of Demerara.



  1. Good attempt at improving standards, but the pastries are far from European taste and texture. I can’t find the taste or the cinnamon in the ‘Dubbel Bol.’ Most packaged products seem to be coming manufactured from Suriname, so there is nothing fresh about it. Multigrain breads are a definite improvement on the local market but fall short of ‘European’ or even American standards.


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