New anti-rape NGO emerges; promises greater support for victims


Untitled[] – Citizens Against Rape (CAR), is a newly formed NGO, established by a group of women who decided ‘enough was enough’ on matters of abuse in Guyana with a particular focus on rape.

According to a press release from CAR, it will strive to highlight the issue of the ‘Rape Culture’  in Guyana and in time, develop strategies to assist in improving the laws of Guyana to protect rape victims against their assailants once charges have been pressed and also ensuring that the conviction rate of perpetrators are increased.

“Currently, in a study highlighted by the Guyana Human Rights Association, the rate of convictions for cases going to court is one percent.  Rape is a violation of rights, rape is a crime,” the statement noted.

The group says it is adamant that its focus will be on the rejuvenation, restoration and rehabilitation of victims. They also believe that focus also needs to be placed on youth as it is applies to behavioral change.

A walk to raise awareness titled “Rising Against Rape” is scheduled for March 08 at 7:00hrs from the Umana Yana and will end at the Promenade Gardens.  The date – March 8th – is of significance as it also is International Women’s Day.

CAR emphasised that the support of men is necessary and that it is not a women’s only NGO as rape and abuse occurs across the spectrum and includes men and children.

The group would like the assistance of participants to walk in silence with their banners and slogans, as they believe that many victims are silenced and it will portray the concept of rape in Guyana. 

The group will also be teaming with other organizations that have been working for many years against abuse in Guyana to make this walk a success.

CAR members are: Dr. Raquel Thomas-Caesar, Nicolette Roach, Colleen McEwan, Nicole Cole, Margo Boyce and Jessica Xavier.



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