New 911 system receives over 200 prank calls in 48 hours

File photo: Officers at Brickdam demonstrating how the 911 service is monitored

Action will be taken against pranksters- Commander Chapman

The Guyana Police Force is reporting that operators of the newly relaunched 911 emergency system received over 200 prank calls in just 48 hours. However, A’ Division Commander, Assistant Commissioner, Marlon Chapman have since vowed to go after the pranksters and make an example out of them.

Officers at Brickdam demonstrating how the new service will be monitored

On Friday, Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan recommissioned the new system at the ceremony and sounded a stern warning to pranksters revealing that it has the capability to trace calls and pinpoint locations so that the Police can go after the perpetrators.

On Tuesday Commander Chapman said that the Police are in the process of getting the names and numbers of those that are making the prank calls.

“We have received over 200 prank calls since we launched the system and this is affecting the real emergencies because we have to determine the pranks. But we are investigating the callers and investigations are ongoing. Very soon we will determine who those persons are and then actions would be taken against them,” Chapman said.

The Guyana Police Force commissioned 911 Emergency System at the Brickdam Police Station in Georgetown and planned to take the new system to 52 other locations within the country to promote better Police response while enhancing crime-fighting efforts.

Some 46 officers have been trained to operate the system, which has been commissioned to respond to calls from citizens across Guyana and prompt Police response. In addition, citizens can send text messages to 911 instead of calling and the operators can render assistance. The system is being reintroduced, with the assistance of local telephone companies GTT and Digicel, after several years of non-operation.

Ramjattan had stated that a holistic approach was taken towards ensuring that the new 911 emergency system is not a repeat of the poor service that was provided in the past. The new system is being supported by both local telecommunications agencies, GTT and Digicel.



  1. Pranksters should deter from this nonsense , lives that could have been saved can be lost. The bandits could get away in those precious minutes. Children could be kidnapped , homes can be burnt down
    Charges should be implemented. We have been complaining for years about the 911 system now it’s up and running we making fake calls .


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