NCN/GINA: If they don’t hear, they will feel – APNU


By Kurt Campbell

NCN [] – At least one opposition party has remained resolute in its demand for ‘balanced’ coverage by the National Communications Network (NCN) and the Government Information Agency (GINA) of its projects and activities.

According to Opposition Leader David Granger, his party is prepared to disapprove of spending for the two state run entities in the upcoming 2014 National Budget if they do not alter the way they provide coverage to the Opposition.

Granger made no qualms to openly state that NCN and GINA are condemned to suffer the same fate as per the last two years if issues that existed before remains.

The Opposition parliamentary parties over the last two years reduced budgetary allocations in the National Assembly for the two entities to $1 as it decried what it claimed was impartial media coverage.

“Our concerns remain the same as existed over the last two years… all we seek is balanced coverage and if that is not provided we will know how to deal with them, if they don’t hear…” Granger said as others in the room echoed “they will feel.”

Following the cuts, Head of GINA Neaz Subban has claimed that the entity was a major part of the Government’s transparency mechanism and contrary to what is bandied around by the Opposition; the agency has no established obligation to provide coverage to them.

NCN on the other hand is regarded a national asset and as such, it has a mandate to cover the Opposition, which according to the company it has been doing.



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