NCN has sole broadcast rights of FIFA World Cup 2014


NCN[] The National Communications Network Incorporated (NCN) has announced that it is the sole rights holder for the broadcast of the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil from June 12 to July 31.

NCN procured the terrestrial, cable and satellite broadcast rights from Caribbean Broadcast Rights holder International Media Content Ltd and as such is the only authorized broadcaster for all FIFA World Cup 2014 content, before and during the games, including promotional materials.

“NCN sees bringing the FIFA World Cup 2014, as an important aspect of its social responsibility in ensuring Guyanese enjoy the experience of this world class quadrennial tournament, taking place in our backyards” the company said.

Already NCN is partnering with a number of corporate entities, to ensure that the 42 days of exciting games are brought to the Guyanese populace uninterrupted.

NCN is also encouraging other corporate entities to join in its bid to bring this highly anticipated tournament to all Guyanese.

Molly Rampersaud-Hassan, Chief Executive Officer of NCN said:  “It is an investment, a significant investment. NCN sees this as part of our national obligation, to bring to the Guyanese public the FIFA 2014 games coming out of Brazil, so across the length and breadth of Guyana, Guyanese can now view the games and we can all share in the excitement.”

Marketing manager of NCN Raymond Azeez said: “We have not sub-let the rights to any other television station up to this point in time, so it’s only on NCN in terms of cable and direct TV we are looking at that, because we don’t understand that people in their homes should have a choice, but for anyone outside of the legal framework trying to pirate or take a feed of the FIFA world cup, there will be some legal implications. So I want to advise other networks and viewers at large not to breach this contract, since it can lead to us losing the broadcast rights and ultimately the Guyanese public losing the opportunity to see the games.”



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