Natural Resources Ministry debunk claims by GHRA


[] – The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment has rejected the claims made by the Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA) that it was misled by the Ministry as it relates to the survey being conducted at the New River Triangle area.

Following a statement issued by the GHRA on Friday, December 13, the Ministry in response pointed out that the Ministry provided information requested, including a package on general development of the natural resources and environmental sector during a meeting on December 04 between the team from the GHRA and the Ministry.

“Regarding the question on whether there was mining in the New River Triangle in relation to the Parabara Community, the documentation was provided by the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission which confirmed that there was no mining, leases or permissions, in addition to the letter which was sent to the Village Council stating that no mining permit was issued,” the Natural Resources Ministry stated in its response.

The statement explained that during the interaction, the Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment verbally updated the GHRA team of a PGGS which was granted and briefly outlined the activities involved.

“As indicated by GHRA in keeping with the main purpose of the December 04 meeting, the issue of the PGGS was not felt to be of sufficient significance. As a result, there was no request for further documentation on the company, particulars of the activity or any related additional information on that PGGS. The name of the company was not mentioned as there was no request for this information.”

The Ministry assured that there is no attempt to mislead the GHRA.




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