Natural Resources Ministry ‘baffled’ at Mayor’s comments on $1B cleanup campaign


Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Robert Persaud. [iNews' Photo]
Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Robert Persaud. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in a statement noted that it is “disturbed and baffled” that Mayor of Georgetown, Hamilton Green does not see the need for the $1B clean – up campaign which was allocated for in the 2014 budget.

Mayor Green told iNews on Monday, March 24, shortly after the announcement was made that while he welcomed the initiative, there was no need for the money and that it is unnecessary.

In this regard, the Ministry noted it “sees this move as an investment to ensure a clean and healthy surrounding, and one that will deal with the problem of improper garbage disposal across our country, particularly the Capital City of Georgetown.”

Of the $1B allocation, $500 million will be dedicated to immediate efforts to clean the capital city.

According to the Natural Resources Ministry, this initiative will build on the ongoing Pick it up Guyana Campaign and other recent efforts, such as the recently passed Litter Enforcement Regulations to tackle the problem of garbage and littering.

“The Ministry via the Environmental Protection Agency will enforce the Litter Regulations, through the hiring of Litter Prevention Wardens, and an aggressive ongoing public education campaign. These initiatives are being rolled out in collaboration with local government bodies, including the Mayor and City Council.”

Mayor Hamilton Green.
Mayor Hamilton Green.

The Ministry recalled that the recently held Environmental Stakeholders Consultation on March 07, 2014 with representatives from environmental, tourism, youth, businesses and other social groups, voiced their concerns about the garbage situation and urged for a nationwide, sustained effort to deal with this problem afflicting communities.



  1. Mr. Green may be losing his eyesight and sense of smell if he does not think the city needs a sustained clean-up effort. I hope this effort is not dependent on his will.


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