National Family Commission to up ante against domestic violence

Kwame Gilbert.
Kwame Gilbert.

[] – Chairman of the National Family Commission Kwame Gilbert says efforts are afoot to clamp down on domestic violence in the New Year.

He said what is needed is a change in the methodologies previously used to get messages of non-violence across to target groups.

“In the new year we want to create more opportunities for men to attend forums and learn about parenting and relationship building skills… our challenge right now is the methodology, the message is a good one but getting it across is the challenge” Gilbert explained.

He said the NFC will be  collaborating with the Men’s Affairs Bureau mostly to target men, “we have not been reaching the type of men we want to reach so we will be going to the rum shops, barbershops, clubs, basketball fields and anywhere where these men are to meet them” he added.

Gilbert in a message to men who claim that aggravation from their spouses have led to them to commit the act, advised that there is no situation so grave that gives a justification for violence.

“I know it’s easier said than done, but think about the alternative of not walking away, men must exercise restraint.”

Meanwhile, the Administration has invested significant resources to empower women which are also aimed at putting them in a position to earn a livelihood, so that they can walk away from abusive relationships.



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