National Assembly approves $3.4B for Region Two


As the heated discussions continued today, during the ongoing consideration of the budget estimates, the National Assembly this afternoon approved the $3.433B allocation for Region Two (Pomeroon- Supenaam).

The region’s budget approval came after intense questioning and arguments between the Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan, and Opposition Members of Parliament.

Irfaan Ali 3The Regional administration and financing sector received $200.43M.


The sum of $344.124M has been allocated  for agricultural development, of which $44.846M will be spent on miscellaneous drainage and irrigation works, retention payment, the completion of regulators at La Resource, and sluices at Perth, Hampton Court and Lima.

Completion of irrigation checks at Huist’ Dieren, a tail wall at Queenstown and a culvert at Bounty Hall are also to be done.


An amount of $151.057M was allocated for infrastructural works. Under this allocation $14.97M will be expended on bridges. This money will be used for retention payment, the completion of a bridge at Good Hope, along with the construction of a bridge at Richmond.

Meanwhile, road works were allocated $19.070M.  This sum will see the payment of retention, the completion of a road at Dartmouth and the upgrading of roads at Adventure and Dartmouth.


Further, $1.843B was allocated to the Region’s education sector, of which $196.352M caters for the construction of a nursery school at Akawini, Pomeroon, and the Aurora Primary School along with the extension and rehabilitation of several other schools in the region.


The sum of $893.749M will realise improved health care and upgraded health facilities. Of this amount, $81.417M will go towards retention payment, the provision of an Accident and Emergency Unit (A&E) at the Oscar Joseph District Hospital at Charity, and the provision of oxygen supply tanks.

These are among the region’s capital projects. The remainder of the money will be used to effect current expenditures, which includes the payment of wages and salaries.




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