Kwame McCoy arrested, questioned in Crum-Ewing murder probe

Kwame McCoy Courtney Crum-Ewing
  • Police seeking Custody extension for Hinds, AbdullahAs the Guyana Police Force intensifies its investigation into two high-profile offenses, including the controversial death of ex-soldier Courtney Crum-Ewing, former Press and Publicity Officer under the PPP/C Administration Mr Kwame McCoy was arrested earlier this evening (Wednesday).
    Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum said McCoy was arrested and is being interrogated in connection with two “serious offences”.

    Kwame McCoy  Courtney Crum-Ewing

    While he declined to say what the two “serious offenses” were, INews understands that McCoy has joined his colleague, Jason Abdulla and self-confessed death squad member, Sean Hinds, as suspects in the Crum-Ewing murder, as investigations continue.
    McCoy was reportedly arrested after “new information” surfaced in relation to Crum-Ewing’s murder. The other “serious” matter, INews understands, might involve assault.
    Jason Abdulla and Sean Hinds were both arrested on Monday evening – Abdulla at Freedom House, Robb Street, Georgetown where he was employed at the time, and Hinds was arrested while at home.
    However, the 72-hour detention period for Abdulla will expire tomorrow evening (Thursday).
    According to the Crime Chief, the Police Force will definitely approach the High Court for an extension.
    The Crime Chief declined to disclose the rationale for an extension but, according to the law, this only happens when there is enough evidence against the person(s) in custody. The Crime Chief further added that the Police will continue their investigations. He also rubbished claims that Abdulla was removed from the Diamond Police Station and taken to the Army’s Camp Ayanganna base where he was being interrogated.
    Hinds was arrested numerous times before in connection with several crimes, but recently after his revelation about being a member of the death squad, during which he implicated several high-profile Police ranks in various matters ranging from “hits” to gun possession.
    Crum-Ewing, a 40-year-old father of three, was gunned down execution style on March 10 last year while urging residents of the Diamond Housing Scheme to go out and cast their ballots during the May 11 General Election.
    An autopsy revealed that Crum-Ewing was shot five times about the body.




  1. The process escapes me. Arrest these men, interrogate, then send them on their merry way? If there is enough evidence why not lock them up?

  2. Kwame McCoy arrested, questioned in Crum-Ewing murder probe
    If Krum was such a threat to PPP regime then those who believes this crap would also believe that the KN man kisser was more dangerous to PPP.
    PNC just doing this in order to cop a high ranking PPP member to show their people that PPP regime was worse than their Bunham PNC regime.
    Krum never knew he was a paid PNC sacrificial lamb.
    Big question must be– what serious threat Krum posed to the PPP regime for PPP officials to take him out?


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