Nandlall concerned about his safety; mulls change in political life

Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall

By Fareeza Haniff

Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall
Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall

[] – Given the fact that his name is now being associated with the gruesome murder of political activist, Courtney Crum-Ewing, former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall is concerned about his safety.

As a matter of fact, Nandlall says he is “seriously” considering whether it is worth it to continue his political life.

He told a news conference on Thursday, July 23 at the Sleepin Hotel on Brickdam, Georgetown that he is doing some introspection, pointing out the ingratitude that follows being a politician.

“I seriously have to consider whether it is worth it…continuing. My desire has always been to serve the people of Guyana. I have no other objective, I have no other aspirations. When one looks at the problems that befall you as you attempt to do public service, then you really have to question and consider whether it is worth it. I left a very, very successful legal practice to enter into government and to work to serve the people of Guyana and you know, you have to face all these problems,” the rather depressed Nandlall said.

Mere hours after reports surfaced that his former personal bodyguard, Rajput Narine was arrested in connection with Crum-Ewing’s murder, Nandlall sought to clear his name, telling reporters that he hired Narine after the March 10 murder.

Nandlall made it clear that he never met Narine prior to March 15 and he was referred to him by a PPP acquaintance in New York to be his personal bodyguard but fired him four days later after he found out that Narine was disclosing his locations to unknown persons.

Nandlall now regrets hiring the former CANU officer, who was employed by the Guyana Revenue Authority.

“At some point in time, as a human being, you really have to do some introspection and see whether it is worth it. There is so much ingratitude in doing what you settle to do,” Nandlall further noted at the press conference.

Prior to his death, Crum-Ewing protested for several weeks outside the office of the Attorney General between November and December 2014 calling for his resignation following allegations of corruption and threats to journalists.

Narine is the second suspect to be arrested by the police as investigations continue into Crum-Ewing’s murder. Police believe that Narine is the one who approached the gunman and paid him to execute Crum-Ewing.



  1. Gavin on the contrary, I think he will need all the legal help he can get to through this one which I don’t think he can because he is definitely in this on as deep as any one can think.

  2. nandalall your day has cometh and the truth has been revealed so what do you have to say???you can run but you cant hide.The kitchen is getting hot so what will you do??Peoples lives matter and what goes around comes around i want you to remember that.The almighty will deal with you.your story has no merit and the dumbest child will laugh at you so just go tell that to the fishes in the sea and the birds in the air,not humanbeings.Guyanese are civalised nd educated

  3. Mr. Nandalall, what might have happened had the PPP won the elections? Would your bodyguard have been charged? KARMA IS A BITCH! Go ahead and do all your introspection and then apologise to some persons, beginning with that young female reporter.

  4. Typical Guyanese bloggers. Open their mouths before thinking. Lots of the comments here are balderdash. Lots of opinions are disguised as facts. It’s been 25-plus years since Walter Rodney was assassinated allegedly by Burnham, but the COI has not been concluded. Meanwhile, all the PNC members who may have had a hand in it are dead and gone or out of the picture. It may take a similar number of years to determine any wrong-doings of the PPP operatives when they were in power. And yes, I am sure there were wrong-doings.

  5. jajdeo deh quiet, is he pass de order to anil and anil execute,,,thats next to come…jail all dem murderers and fail dem fass

  6. This man really is a clown, well the circus over. It is time to face the after you would have treatened people’s lives, hired people to execute persons that decided to squeal on you or protest openly about atrocities committed by the PPP/C you now cry about ingratitude? so you expect to be compensated for these?? well you would be compensated by doing the time.

  7. A MESSAGE TO MY FELLOW GUYANESE: I would hope that no one take any physical action against Mr. Nandlall. My reason being, there is nothing worst than watching a GUILTY MAN walk in his fear. If he was part of the plot to kill Mr. Crum-Ewing, he’ll be one of the most haunted man in GT. Meanwhile I expect the courts seize these people passports, until all investigations are “exhaustively” conducted and completed.

  8. No fo@l, you did not serve the Guyanese people, you served the PPP. You stole from, discriminated against and allegedly killed Guyanese people.

  9. He doesn’t need help Mohamed, he is competent to defend any allegations designed to taint his reputation.

  10. Arrest him before he gets away. The ppp govt was involved in too much corruption. Never did things above board, always had to be underhand business. I want them to know that nothing last forever. Sin leaves a mark.

  11. I know this day will come as sure as hell for a lot of these crooks in the PPP. Rajin I think you should go and help him get out of this one. I just can’t help assessing how you people think. Nandalalla lied when he said he never spoke to Courtney. He is now scared for his life. I tell you what this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more to come, so sit back and enjoy the action.

  12. Why isn’t Sam Hinds scared for his life like Anil Nandlall, given that Hinds served all 22.7 years with the PPP regime?

    The difference is that Hinds did not engage in the type of skullduggery and shenanigans as Nandlal, who will not be missed if he quits politics, because he can’t practice politics or law behind bars.

    And INews, you guys have to get hold of Courtney’s Facebook page to see where he contradicted Nandlall before his slaying by saying he was up in Nandlall’s office and spoke with him. Is Nandlall a Chatree or a Chatee-Chatee?

  13. As they always say ..Intelligence is never on par with Common sense..and former Attorney-General should not expect any empathy from anyone after constantly exercising Poor Judgement on occasions in his Public and professional life..I do recall he made racial remarks at a Political rally a t Essequibo during 2011..then his public remarks about East Indian Class system ..with reference of Chatree..even his own East Indians were offended..Now his recent choice of employing Crom Ewing alleged Killer without doing any back-ground check on him first..that is exercising of the poorest of judgement as a legal person..So let the Chips fall where they may..

  14. Maybe hiring the man as personal security for the AG was a reward. Afterall, that is what happens with most of their operatives: they do the crime then is rewarded for their good job. Don’t try to distance yourself now. You can’t fool everybody all the time.

  15. Don’t fall prey sir, fight for what you love doing….support is there for you. Politics in Guyana has indeed become dangerous

  16. LOL. The shoe is on the other foot, eh? What’s the matter now Chatree? Oh what fun it was to threaten your “best friend”… he who laughs last, laughs the best!!! You must be peepeein yourself, nah?

  17. So, lets assume that it was ill judgement to hire someone without a thorough background check. How is that ingratitude? It would show humanness to admit he acted carelessly, and apologize to the nation for being stupid. He should have known better! We paid him to know better!

  18. He aint applying for asylum anywhere! Let him stay here and face the loud music he created. You can tell the smallest child or the biggest fool that HIS bodyguard and he had not conspired to take out Crum-Ewing. Too many coincidences. He must face the full force of the law or the law and this government is an ass!


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