Nandlall, AG Williams clash over debt payments to TCL, Rudisa


By Jomo Paul

Anil Nandall (left) and Attorney General, Basil Williams. [iNews' Photo]
Anil Nandall (left) and Attorney General, Basil Williams. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall is refuting claims made by Attorney General Basil Williams that he [Nandlall] is accountable for some $1.2B that was approved by Cabinet as payment to Rudisa Beverages after the company won a case against the Guyana Government at the Caribbean Court of Justice.

Rudisa, a Suriname based company, produces and sells beverages in non-returnable containers. Caribbean International Distributors Inc. (CIDI) had alleged that the imposition by Guyana in 1995, of an environmental levy or tax of $10 on all imported non-returnable beverage containers imported into Guyana, was discriminatory and amounted to a violation of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas (RTC) passed into Guyana law in 2006.

The then government was ordered to pay the Rudisa Beverages GYD$1.2 billion but did not do so although Cabinet approved the money. But when contacted on Monday, June 29, Nandlall pointed out that the Attorney General will soon be au fait with the amount of time between Cabinet approvals and the money being disbursed, adding that parliamentary oversight would have also been required for the sums to be released from the consolidated fund.

“As Mr Williams spends longer in government he will become familiar with the distance between cabinet approval and actual disbursement of funds…In this instance, my recollection is at the time when Cabinet granted the approval based upon a memo I took to Cabinet, parliament went into recess, prorogation and then dissolution…that sum of money cannot be approved without Parliament’s permission….Mr Williams has to know that,” said the Former Attorney General.

He indicated that he is amazed by Williams’ claim of “astonishment on the issue.”




  1. You again Rohit remember God is looking down on us he does realize all the crookery, pilfering, plagerizing, etc that the previous administration performed thats what you should be commenting about blame them for ruining the country think of all that jagdeo did the Attorney general is getting to the bottom of things like he’s supposed to do.

  2. The ghost of Slain Social Activist, the late Courtney Crum-Ewing, will continue to haunt certain people who are now not as powerful as they used to be.

  3. billions of dollars was never approved by parliment but never the less ppp govt used it up and cant account for it the chat3 is talking bull shit

  4. Nandlall is a court jester. He would have us believe the PPP needed parliamentary approval to raid the Consolidated Fund to take money and pay the monies the government was ordered to pay.
    So how come the corrupt PPP did not need parliamentary approval or oversight to rip off GY$4b to fund line items voted down by Parliament in the 2014 Budget?
    Nandlall is a comical liar!

  5. I read previously that Rudisa had agree to forfeit the award on the principle position that the court ruling be implemented GOING FORWARD.
    So if that was the position why all this hullabaloo. Let the minister tell us what is that Rudisa agreed to and if the court had approved of that outside arrangement.
    I dont understand why all this foolishness now playing out.
    Mr Williams there are more important things that you need to focus on like the CLICO insider trading and the Berbice Bridge.
    I am again asking the colation what has been achieved in the first 100days. A watching..


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