Nagamootoo’s elaborate Secret Service entourage sparks outrage among NY-based Guyanese – protest, poor attendance at two of his three NY meetings

Scores of New York-based Guyanese braved the cold to protest Moses Nagamootoo yesterday

Protest and poor attendance marked two of the three meetings in New York over the weekend that were attended by Guyana’s Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, who turned up at the events with an elaborate entourage, escorted by the U.S. Secret Service in heavily-armoured bullet-proof Suburban vehicles.
This has sparked further outrage among New-York based Guyanese who raised concerns about the cost on the taxpayers in Guyana for the elaborate Secret Service escort to the events, in a manner similar to visiting Heads of State and Kings.

PM Moses Nagamootoo escorted by several black Secret Service vehicles during his New York trip over the weekend
PM Moses Nagamootoo was escorted by several black Secret Service vehicles during his New York trip over the weekend

Outraged members of the diaspora are of the view that these things are not without costs, and the Guyana Government will more than likely have to foot the expensive bill for Nagamootoo’s elaborate first-class treatment, no doubt at the expense of local taxpayers, many of whom are probably unaware of such a scenario.
At one of the events, more than 100 protesters braved the snow in the South Ozone area in Queens, New York to protest a meeting that was scheduled to be addressed yesterday afternoon by Guyana’s Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo.
The meeting was scheduled for 5 pm, but a supporter of the AFC (Plumer Paul) informed the protesters that Mr Nagamootoo will not be arriving until the number of protester decrease because there were only a handful of his supporters in the meeting hall.
INews understands that the New York City (NYC) police had to be called in for reinforcement because of the large number of protestors.
It is understood that Mr Nagamootoo subsequently arrived at 7:45 pm at which point the protestors started calling him names, including “a traitor” and “a rubber stamp for a PM”.
Meanwhile, Nagamootoo is reported to have turned up with an elaborate entourage, escorted by Secret Service limousines, at the Richie Rich Catering Hall in Richmond Hill, Queens for a breakfast symposium earlier in the day.
New York-based representatives of the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU / AFC) sponsored the symposium, which reportedly failed to attract members from the Diaspora business community, with just a few trickling in for the event.

Scores of New York-based Guyanese  braved the cold to protest Moses Nagamootoo yesterday
Scores of New York-based Guyanese braved the cold to protest Moses Nagamootoo yesterday

During the event, concerns were raised about the deteriorating economic situation in Guyana, along with the number of persons who were fired following the change of Government.
Additionally, the businessmen expressed apprehension about returning to Guyana, citing the high level of crime, which serves as a deterrent not only to the Diaspora but tourists.
Notably at the meeting, concerns were also raised about the cost on the taxpayers in Guyana for the Secret Service escort to the event.
Meanwhile, the disappointing turnout at the above-mentioned two events was not replicated at the other event that the Prime Minister attended in Jamaica Avenue, New York yesterday.
At this event, the Prime Minister spoke to a sizeable gathering at the launch of Guyana’s Golden Jubilee celebrations at the Jamaica Performing Arts Centre in Queens, New York which comprised a gathering of largely U.S.-based Guyanese.
Mr Nagamootoo urged Guyanese who gathered at the forum to work together and to enter the next 50 years with conviction that Guyana comes first.

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  1. As long as PNC and P P P are in Guyana you will continue to have this stupid divide amongst the Guyanese people , we need to have a party that has nothing to do with those two parties to govern guyana , maybe then we will have some sort of progress in Guyana , not until we have unity , will we have progress.

  2. Nagamootoo, your job is in Guyana! Why are you wasting taxpayer’s money in New York?
    Take off the idiotic tie and suit, put on a tee shirt and get to work among your people. This goes for the entire Guyanese parliament – get to work in your village communities.

  3. You darn right Danny this fool is one of the jealous ones .They can’t make in the promise land because they ass lazy so they end up in Canada and the US living on the dole-this dude is a fool.

  4. Yaweeedee because of the PPP you and you ppl do not have white mouth and beri beri you are on ungrateful whitemouther.

  5. These people leave Guyana for a joke… they see white mouth, beri beri or big belly… to live in snow the leave sun and rain to get cold to give their love ones FOOD to eat

  6. The world isn’t fair and it will never be once governed by humans.Undeniably Both the PNC and the PPP administrations have made bad and good judgement during their governace. looking back through histroy, any logical person would find this to be an irrefutable fact.We need to accept the truth that we don’t and cannot always get everything to our satisfaction and when this happens we need not loose composure and debate or fude over something that already transpired. No matter which administration is charged with the further development of our beautiful nation,we as Guyanese need to rise our voices against any form of discrimination practise by any faction of the government we put in power at any point in time. Any law(s) that is impose on us with the objective of restricting or freedom,whether religious or social etc, should be greatly protested against and with great defiance.The land of the brave and free, Guyana, is a magnificent country overflowing with potential that has not been fully taken advantage of . What we really need in this country is an enormous surge of patriotism in each and every citizens, so we can all contribute positively to this country and stop wasting time playing reminiscing this and that!

  7. Naga man isn’t interested in unity once he can drive around in his multimillion SUV. . He is just like Burnham riding around on his horse but he in his SUV. Enjoying the perks of being a lame duck PM.

  8. Only solution to Guyana is Barrat,end of story,,none of them lined up at the embassy or went back track during the best 23 yrs of Guyanese living Hip hip to the indians,,,nobody else work

  9. Yeah? Ask Courtney Crum-Ewing (in his grave) about your ‘freedom of speech’. Like I said, convenient amnesia.

  10. Catherine, perhaps you don’t know but the US government provides security for every visiting head of state. You insult the US secret service by suggesting that they are out for hire. Perhaps you are confusing these worthy people with the presidential guards under Jagdeo who uses to be rented out to his friends.

    Oh ye of so much ignorance.

  11. What about the hundreds of thousands that left during the last 23 years. You’re going to deny that people left during that time? I know you frauds have convenient amnesia.
    As for working hard. I won’t deny that but you behave as if other Guyanese haven’t worked and own their own houses.

    Take off your blinders and smell the dudu you’re rolling in.

  12. Yeah… He’s a disgrace to indian people because he wants a united Guyana. You and your racist ‘small’ group will huff, puff, scream, shout and die in your ignorance as life goes on in Guyana.

    Eat your evil hearts out.

  13. They inherited a full treasury unlike 92 when it was empty under hoyte when ppp took over . Seems u forgot history

  14. And u right, Guyanese don’t vote along racial lines no more since U.S. does the voting for them. Tt’s called -regime change

  15. No credibility in your scribbles. I didn’t know that the general consensus was that CRAPNU/AFC won the 2015 election! It’s a defacto government in case you forgot who was placed there by the ABC people. The trouble will start when they start asking for their return of favors. So don’t write with profound confidence your ignorance to those who know better!

  16. i told yall long now that madmaxx is a pnc racist junk …if one were to come to toronto and see who takes up most space in ontario housing — oh well madmaxx too ashamed to say who they are…but what people you cant stop them from knowing– they live like parasites off hard working tax payers backs, madmaxx knows who mostly are on food stamps in Us..

  17. MADMAXX you are a complete idiot. It is quite obvious that you are living off the system hence the reason why you have blogged in this manner. Guyanese have done well for themselves in the USA & Canada. Perhaps you are suffering from a heavy dose of amnesia. However the majority aren’t. We are fully aware of PNC tactics during their 28 years of dictatorship rule. Granger/Harmon aren’t different from Burnham. They got into office by using these two goats (Naga & Jattan). Both will be kicked to the curb…. however they are getting what they deserve.

  18. Hahaha Nagamoo get kick out of NY city by them Guyanese people he and Ramjatan is a disgrace to the Guyanese people.

  19. It’s the same PPP “regime” that has allowed you the freedom of speech and not have to hide when you say something about a government official during your PNC GLORY DAYS. When we were rated alongside Haiti and couldn’t buy bread for your kids. Get your facts and history straight, you never won an election in guyana. You always rigged it to get in the power seat. You should stop supporting the pnc who can’t win an election and who got to kiss abc butt to get what you want. Wait when they ask for their favors to be returned for putting alya where ya deh. Tick tock your time soon up!

  20. The TRUTH hurts,GOD BLESS this government and the Guyanese people,satan and his poppets will continue to BURN IN HELL,,not can stop PROGRESS,,RIP ppp tout

  21. These protesters are a group of Racially divided group of people who are not educated to realize that in this era we don’t vote by race any longer, we vote by economic values . And in order for Guyana to move forward the racism needs to be wipe out in any means necessary. When the country was going to the dogs by the PPP, and basically known as the killing field of South America. Where were these fools who now have all these smart signs and questions, let pity their ignorance.

  22. Physical violence against a visiting dignitary is a serious offense; you should be careful what you preach

  23. madmax
    Your PNC TERROR PROPAGNDA does NOT wash.
    You are a LIAR and everyone knows it!

    PNC Guyanese are being busted everyday in NYC for selling DRUGS!

    How much did the PNC Murder Regime PAY you to write this dribble?

    you need to shut your UGLY Monkey PNC mouth!

  24. The exact reason for him being afforded secret service protection which is provided for all visiting dignitaries to the USA.

  25. I will say when Dr Bharrat Jagdeo was traveling to USA as President he only had the Secret Service to clear him at the airport and escort him to his Hotel just next to Kennedy Airport. He then send them away. He never have them escorting him on Liberty Ave, Church Ave, Brooklyn, Rockaway blvd, Queens where Naga …had his final meeting at Neressa Palace with a handful of people who are all PPP supporters who just want to curse him out. Mr Jagdeo never afraid to walk the street of NYC without Secret Service. He love to walk with us. He feels homely when he does… the Secret Service used to get angry because they don’t have overtime. I was one of his escort. when he come to NY. Let NagaMootoo spend the tax payers money. They can ask Brenthol Evans where Mr Jagdeo used to stay, the cheap hotel like Holiday inn, Courtyard by Marriot, Hilton Gardens, these hotels cost The Guyana govt little of tax payers money. At one time he used to travel coach. I personally know that. PPP will be back in the 2020 let them AFC/PNC empty the coffers.

  26. All you haters and those who are writing those negative things about the elected Prime Minister you have no class and are just down right racist. The American people are laughing at ur uncivilised behaviour. This new elected Govt has a lot of mess to clean from the inherited corrupt PPP. AND THOSE WHO ARE PROTESTING ARE THE JOBLESS, LOW LIFE UNDOCUMENTED AND ILLITERATE GOONS. MOSES IS A WELL RESPECTED AND QUALIFIED MAN SO PPP GO KICK BRICK… LOOSERS

  27. Come on Fellas, Naga is the one who always objected to that lifestyle, Guyanese need to protest at home.

  28. People with your unscrupulous mentality will always find fault with a government that is not align with your ideologies. The PPP regime was the most corrupt, lawless. party in the history of Guyana. The President and ministers , had their own 737 jet, that. was seized in Puerto Rico, a few months before elections. So please be realistic on your views, and stop supporting the. PPP incompetent regime.

  29. How POSITIVELY AMERICAN Guyanese are acting. Mr. Nagamootoo is a Head of State visiting a foreign land, of course he’ll have protection. Why the HELL everyone’s getting their underwear in a bunch. He’s not responsible for the economic mess Guyana’s going through, he and Pres. Granger inherited it from the PPP. Grow up people, you’re making asses of yourselves.

  30. Why should Guyanese return, when the President children are living abroad. I see a lot wrong witb the Prime Minister getting that big entourage, he was one to complain when the other party was traveling . The Government now has to foot that bill. What they need to protest is, those Regions that are forced to pay for brown water coming through their taps. Water shutting off afrer a few hours. Most of those people have no choice but to buy water. Not everyone get a hand out.

  31. Photos will educate you and many like you,what you are saying is true about owning homes and work, would you like to doubt me how many of them with all that they have are raping the system, and as a Guyanese as we all are live as one ,,

  32. MADMAXX, Indo Guyanese wherever they are, work hard for their living and most if not all of them in USA, Canada and the UK, they own their own homes.When they eventually retire, it is time for them to live off their savings and pensions which they earned. Before they migrated to the different countries, they already owned their homes and had to leave everything behind thanks to the PNC, House Of Israel, People’s Militia, national Service. These were all military outfits used against, not only Indians but all those who dared go against that dictator Burnham. It seems you know a lot about food stamps and welfare as you have been the beneficiary some time or the other. That’s not a crime. So just shut you ugly mouth and be fair if you know what that is

  33. Shame on the snake! The PNC/AFC can spend any amount of money now on over seas trips and don”t have to account for it. That’s a new law that was passed lately by the PNC. PPP left a full treasury, but soon it will be squandered by those bandits. PPP took a bankrupt NICIL and left it with BILLIONS, so much so that they cannot count it, they are paying Goolsarran tens of millions to check it.

  34. This namakram better not come to Canada! The Guyanese here are awaiting him here to pelt some Ganda eggs on him….I personally have some really stink one to throw on HIM! He is nothing more than one those Indian scamp man from the Indian movies…Amrish Puri! He join the PNC regime and rig elections to gain power….PNC already demote him to ZERO power leaving Hermon to be the next HAMMY GREEN of Guyana!

  35. Mr. Nag how can you deny the fact that you have been stripped off your responsibilities and put on to the back burner. You have no credibility to address Guyanese overseas.Your political carrier has come to an end!! Ordinary citizens of Guyana especially from Berbice live with a fear of being robbed and killed. They are spending sleepless nights and you are getting Z category secret service escort service.

  36. Im happy this has happened and im happy American based Guyanese see where allof their remittances are going. Im also happy somebody is publically squandering our tax payers money because those who voted for this should be able to deal with the consequences…

  37. Nagamootoo’s elaborate Secret Service entourage sparks outrage among NY-based Guyanese – protest, poor attendance at two of his three NY meetings
    Nagamook dream coming through: In his mind he thinks he is President of US to get that Secret Service service..Po Nagamook just can’t ketch a break huh. Lol

  38. 80% of those protesters are living off the system for the last 23 yrs,FOOD STAMPS,WELFARE,and the PANTRIES,if it was possible to post the photos of these very devoted PPP/ clunks, they enjoying the good life in the United States praying PPP but living USA, every PM,or PRESENT received the same escort,ask these fools who paid the same bills for BHARRAT,DONALD,and Sam,,,or they were all drunk on Liberty Avenue, you know if the government was made up of all Ramjits or Nagamootoos they paid poppets would have been shouting HIP HIP ,,,


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