Nagamootoo has “let the cat out the bag” on strategies against Govt. – PPP

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee

[] – The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has dismissed as reckless and irresponsible threats by Alliance (AFC) for Change Member of Parliament Moses Nagamootoo, of moving a no-confidence motion against the PPP Administration.

At a recent press conference Nagamootoo while accusing the PPP Administration – of which he was once a member- of engaging in a dangerous and anti-nationalistic, racist campaign under the guise of celebrating its anniversary had warned the Government to be wary of its actions least a vote of no-confidence is brought against the administration

The PPP in a statement on Wednesday October 9 said, “In what can be seen as a desperate and most impulsive utterance, the AFC Member of Parliament clearly has forgotten that his party only has seven seats in the National Assembly, and it is therefore constitutionally impossible for them to bring down this government on their own,” adding that Nagamootoo is now speaking for David Granger – Opposition Leader – and by extension a Partnership for National Unity (APNU).

Further, the party has deemed it ‘too’ coincidental that while Nagamootoo has made such a statement, APNU’s Joseph Harmon on the other hand is making similar statements, suggesting that the PPP is on its way out.

In this regard, the PPP has concluded that the two political parties are having back-room talks and planning strategies together.

“Unwittingly, Nagamootoo let the cat out of the bag,” the statement added. The PPP has also rejected claims by Nagamootoo that it has embarked on a racist campaign.

“The PPP is amazed and astonished that a recent flyer depicting AFC’s Chairman Nigel Hughes with a gun in one hand behind his back, and tapping a youth on his shoulder with the other hand saying, go ahead! Create havoc… I’m here to defend you. could be seen as racist.”

The statement added that the party has always rejected all forms of racism and has worked hard over the years to build unity among Guyanese.

“Our proud track record dating back to the 50s will vindicate the Party of such allegations.”

The PPP is now accusing Nagamootoo of being guilty of racially profiling young Afro-Guyanese.

The party has described these utterances as a deliberate attempt to willfully and cunningly open up old wounds and to create racial divisions among Guyanese and has called for the condemnation of such statements and a complete withdrawal a public apology from Nagamootoo.



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