“My son didn’t commit suicide, someone murdered my son” – mother cries for justice

Narendra Seecharan

Anita Seecharan, the mother of 29-year-old Narendra Seecharan who was found dead this morning, is maintaining that her son did not take his life and that he was brutally murdered by other farmers with whom he had an issue.

“I don’t think that my son commit suicide, someone murdered my son!” the mother of three expressed during an interview with INews

Family members believe the young man was killed after he conducted “vapor spraying” on his rice fields at Lima, Essequibo Coast but during the process, the chemicals extended to other farmers’ rice fields, causing damage to some plants. It is suspected that those farmers became angry and took revenge on the young man.

Seecharan had left his Mainstay Public Road home on Monday afternoon to head to the rice fields but never returned.

Today, his body was found hanging from a tree at Reliance backdam after family members tracked his phone.

His body bore marks of violence and his motorbike and clothes were located some distance away from where his body was found.

Anita Seecharan

“They find his motorcycle throw away till by the canal…and about two miles he had to walk to go and hang himself, and it got trees right there where the motorcycle throw way. Why he didn’t hang himself right there? Why he walk two miles?”

“And the next thing too, he gone with very clean clothes and he whole clothes now deh thick, thick with mud like when somebody hold you and drag you…so like you could’ve see how he been fighting, to me like them strangle him,” the woman explained.

“My son left yesterday afternoon with clean clothes and when we saw him this morning on the hanging rope, his clothes, the back of his pants and his whole body was full with mud, his foot was full of mud and we found the pair of long boots that he was wearing thrown away 50ft from where he was hanging. So I don’t think my son commit suicide, someone killed my son and I need justice,” the mother expressed.