Musician, 53, robbed on Hardina St by acquaintance, another


A musician identified as Roger Dyall, 53, of Norton Street Georgetown was on Thursday afternoon robbed by two persons, one armed with gun.

INews understands that the robbery occurred around 05:30h at Hardina Street and one of the robbers was apparently known to the victim.

According to information received, Dyall was walking in an eastern direction along Princess Street, when the identifiable male stopped him and asked him to borrow his lighter.

The victim loaned the said identifiable male his lighter, retrieved it and continued his journey.

He was at this point, walking in a northern direction on the western side of Hardina Street when the said identifiable male and another rode up behind him on bicycles.

One of the males reportedly stopped the victim, pulled out a gun from his pants waist and relieved him of items worth $41,000, including his cellphone.

Both males then turned around and escaped on their bicycles, south along Hardina Street.

Investigations into the robbery are ongoing.



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