Muri Brazil’s statement on pullout was self-serving – APNU’s Roopnarine

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Dr. Rupert Roopnarine
Dr. Rupert Roopnarine

[] Shadow Environment Minister Dr. Rupert Roopnarine  in first his public statement on the pullout of Muri Brazil Ventures Inc. from exploratory activities in the South East of Guyana (New River) has sought to relieve his party of any responsibility in that regard.

According to Dr. Roopnarine the statement issued by the company was self-serving, malicious and had nothing to do with the reality.

The statement had said “although the process was legal and transparent, this decision is due to the misinformation, prejudice and hostility to this proposed survey by persons and agencies which are fostering an adverse investment climate In Guyana,” adding that “Muri would like to thank all of those who supported this project and who are in support of the development of Guyana.”

Roopnarine rejected such claims by the company. “Muri accused APNU of being anti-investment which was supported by Minister Ashni Singh and others and used to broadside the APNU for being nasty with investment and having no interest in the country development.”

Roopnarine told a media conference on Friday (January 9) that Muri withdrawal had nothing to do with what they claimed. He contends that the withdrawal was due to their denial to build an airport, which was a cabinet decision. “This is what Muri should have been responding to.”

The APNU MP and Prime Ministerial Candidate said the New River area is unique, pristine and a biodiversity treasure to Guyana and decisions to develop the area must be seriously considered. He added that an assessment of the area is needed and until then it must remain closed to any exploratory activity.

But this was exactly what Muri Brazil was doing. The Environment Minister prior to the pull out of the company had made it clear that there was no mining in the area, only the Permission for Geographical and Geological Survey (PGGS) ongoing. The Minister went at length to give explanations of the activity in the area after several objections to the survey were raised by opposition members, particularly Joseph Harmon. But despite these explanations the opposition maintained that the agreement lacked transparency.

On Friday, Opposition Leader David Granger in supporting his colleague said for any exploration activity the government must ensure that it is done under scrutiny.

He said his party has received information of ongoing activity in the area, all of which the Administration profess to be unaware of.



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