Murdered British teen had ‘bright, successful future’ ahead of him – relatives

Dominic Bernard was a young budding film-maker (Youtube photo)

The relatives of 18-year-old British teenager, Dominic Bernard who was killed in Guyana sometime late last year are still trying to come to grips with his sudden and gruesome death.

Staymon George and Aaron Hing were both charged for the murder of British teenager, Dominic Bernard
Staymon George and Aaron Hing were both charged for the murder of British teenager, Dominic Bernard

Reports say that the teen, from Epsom in Surrey, had been due to fly back to England on November 5, but never showed up for his flight, sparking appeals from police and family members. The remains of a body highly likely to be that of Bernard have been discovered in a shallow grave in Berbice one village away from where the teen was scheduled to stay during his trip to Guyana.

In a Tribute published by a British newspaper– EveningStandard – his family – parents Andrew and Linda and Mr Bernard’s two little sisters – said in a statement they were “devastated” by the news of his death and fact that he did not get to do the things he loved and had a passion for.

“He was very much loved by all his family as well as a wide circle of friends. He was a talented film-maker and we are in no doubt that he had a bright and successful future ahead of him,” they said.

For them the young, talented film-maker was full of “hope, ambition, creativity, self-respect, faith and trust”.

According to the relatives, Bernard had already put together a number of music videos and had been due to join an American study programme run by established directors before his death.

His family said he had been inspired to make films from the age of 14 when he made a video on BMX maintenance and uploaded it to YouTube. After that, he started his own channel on the video-sharing website and became increasingly knowledgeable.

The rap music fan and church-goer had even hoped to make a motivational film to inspire other youngsters. But all of his dreams were shattered when he was brutally murdered allegedly by his godbrother and two other accomplices.

His family was quoted in the EveningStandard report as saying: “In chasing his dreams, exploring his heritage and doing the things that brought joy to his heart, and so many others, he tragically encountered those who do not share these values.”

Bernard’s godbrother, Aaron Hing and Staymon George were yesterday charged jointly for the murder and have since been remanded to prison. Another suspect in the case; Jameel Sinclair, also a close friend of Hing, is expected to be charged soon for the crime.





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