Murder accused threatens to kill Police Prosecutor, family

Murder accused Orin Arthur (iNews' photo)

Police Prosecutor Deniro Jones of the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts, on Thursday received a slew of deadly threats towards him and his family by Orin Arthur, an accused on trial for three murders.

Jones disclosed that he will not take the threats of the murder accused lightly: “I have already made a report to the court supervisor and later I will be going to the Brickdam Police Station to make another report.”

Murder accused Orin Arthur (iNews' photo)
Murder accused Orin Arthur (iNews’ photo)

The accused, while being escorted from the holding cell at the Court to the prison van, began hurling comments at the sight of the Police Prosecutor which then escalated into a heated argument.

The argument between Arthur and Jones is suspected to have stemmed from the searching of Arthur’s food.
Jones related that on the previous day, Arthur’s family brought food for him at the holding cell and he ordered an officer to search the food. This, he noted, apparently offended the accused. He added that when a constable took the food to Arthur along with a bottle of water, Arthur threw the water on the constable.

It was related that as Arthur was walking past the Police Prosecutor at Court on Thursday, he told him that his food must not be searched, to which the Police Prosecutor replied that it has to be searched.

Arthur then told Jones that he will kill him and his family, while addressing him with several derogatory names. The officers at the court had to intervene and placed Arthur in the awaiting prison van.

Thinking that to be the end of it, the accused still blurted that he has “his connections out of prison to do his external jobs.”
Arthur is currently facing a joint charge for the murder of Guyana Geology and Mines Commission engineer Trevor Abrams, and the murder of Beharry Security Guard, Wilfred Stewart, at Sterling Products Limited on December 2014.
According to prosecutors, Arthur is said to be facing a third murder charge.







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