Much improvement at Audit Office due to technical assistance from IDB – Sharma

Auditor General, Deodat Sharma

The Audit Office of Guyana was plagued with a poor work environment, limited IT capacity and a huge backlog of statutory auditing among other issues prior to technical assistance from Inter-American Development Bank and the government.

Auditor General, Deodat Sharma

On Thursday morning, at the Marriot Hotel Kingston, the office closed the last of the four Inter-American Development Bank and the government funded Technical Cooperation Agreements; which will continue to support the modernisation and strengthening of the Office.

Auditor General, Deodat Sharma, explained that ever since the office benefitted from these Technical Cooperation Agreements there has been much improvement.

“In 2005, we just had a couple computers, limited IT capacity which resulted in limited capabilities and all filing was done manually, now we have servers, IT managers, we have professionals in all regions so we can stay at the office and get information, no one has to come and bring the information…we now have cubicles, computers, portable scanners and laptops to go out into the field,” Sharma explained.

Sharma added that the Office is now reaching the statutory deadline which was never possible except over the last six years and is now able to develop brochures and infomercials to create awareness and inform the public of their work.

Additionally, with the Technical Agreements implemented, a TeamMate Audit Management Software System which included the purchase of sixty user licenses, hardware and training, is now being used. The TeamMate can be used from anywhere; it comes with three databases – test, sample and production database.

The software provides for the standardisation of working papers in keeping with international standards and practices, which ensures quality work is produced on a consistent basis. “Timeliness of report is guaranteed providing the software is used as intended. In this regard, work performed in Essequibo and reviewed in Georgetown without the use of email or for someone having to transport hard copies of reports and working papers.”

Sharma said the Office is now able to fulfill its mandate of good governance including openness, transparency and improved public accountability.

The Technical Cooperation Agreements are funded with approximately US $2M from the IDB and US $145,000 from the government. (DPI)



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