Mother of missing businesswoman claims daughter being held captive

Missing businesswoman Walletta Rigby
Missing businesswoman Walletta Rigby

In light of a boat mishap in the Takutu River, Region Nine (Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo), that has left the captain and a businesswoman missing, relatives of the missing woman are now looking for answers.

Police had reported that the boat had capsized on Thursday last. The missing businesswoman is Walletta Rigby of Blueberry Hill, Wismar, Linden.

The identity of the Brazilian captain is not known.

Police have said that Rigby and her friend Shaunette Gonsalves, a 48-year-old housewife of Beverly Hills, Lethem, Central Rupununi, had crossed the Takutu Bridge and had gone to Bonfim in Brazil to purchase some items; and while on their way back, the boat had capsized.

Gonsalves told the Police that after the boat sank, she held on to a branch and was rescued several hours later by two men who were passing in another boat.

She told relatives that she and her friend had gone to purchase rum, chicken and other items from Brazil to take to Venezuela to sell.

She also revealed that the water was rough, and they had encountered difficulty and had thrown several items into the river, including the rum, to make the boat lighter. Despite that, however, the boat had capsized due to the rough waters.

The missing Walletta Rigby’s mother, Waveney August, also a businesswoman of East Bank Berbice, is claiming that there is no evidence in the water to show that the boat had sunk. Further, she is claimed that the boat captain has been spotted in Venezuela.

“The whole thing ain’t adding up! Something is wrong! Even though they say they are not finding this girl, they must see something on the water. You have to see a slipper or something. There is nothing you are seeing! If they know where my daughter is, tell us…if she has anything for you that she has to refund, let us know!” August said in an appeal to persons who might have Rigby captive.

She noted that Rigby is a mother of six. “I can’t say my daughter is dead because I didn’t see a dead body. I am begging anybody in Brazil or Venezuela, if they know the whereabouts of my daughter, please call us…my number is 663-1937.”

Rigby and her reputed husband would normally trade between Brazil and Venezuela, and had taken her 14-year-old daughter with them on their last trip.