Mother moves to CCJ for urgent hearing of Bisram’s case

Murder accused: Marcus Bisram
Murder accused: Marcus Bisram

The high-profile case of prominent New York-based Guyanese, Marcus Bisram is taking another turn as proceedings have been filed in the region’s highest court, the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) by his mother who was recently denied a hearing at the Appeal Court of Guyana.

The Appeal Court case sought to expedite the judicial process regarding a bid to have the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) withdraw a murder case.

Bisram is accused of having arranged Berbice carpenter Fiyazz Narinedatt’s death after he rejected the overseas based man’s sexual advances at a party two years ago.

He has since been detained at a New York facility as his legal team continues to oppose extradition here, citing what it argues are several inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case.

However, when the Appeal Court ruled unfavourably towards Bisram’s mother, she was ordered to pay the State $250,000 in court costs.

In court documents seen by INews, Inderjali filed her application to the CCJ last week.

According to the case filed in the CCJ, the applicant is seeking an order granting her special leave against the Appeal Court’s July 31, 2018 decision to dismiss her February 6, 2018 application.

Inderjali is also seeking for the Caribbean-based Justices to abridge the time for which the application can be heard, while the Applicant also requested court costs.

In their case filed to the CCJ opposing the Appellate Court’s ruling that refused her application, Bisram’s mother observed that the Court “failed to appreciate the uniqueness of the case” and its “special circumstances”.

She outlined that the Prosecution’s evidence relies on that of a single witness who is youthful and is of “limited intellect”. The mother said also that the Police never alleged that there is any other evidence against Bisram.

Bisram’s mother details that the Appeal Court’s order was “erroneous and unjust”, adding that her case has good prospects for success.

Contrary to Inderjali’s characterization of the Appellate Court’s decision, the Justices there had suggested that the filing of the urgency appeal and associated multiple litigations amounted to an abuse of the court’s process.

Bisram’s extradition order was signed in October last by US Judge Peggy Kuo. He was charged in absentia in 2016 for the murder of the 27-year-old Number 70 Village Corentyne Carpenter Narinedatt.



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