Mother devastated after losing her 20-Y-O daughter in Rupert Craig Highway accident

20-year-old Sabita Sukhoo

By: Shemar Alleyne

Sabita Sukhoo, 20, of Lusignan Pasture, East Coast Demerara (ECD) lost her life in an accident which occurred just after 10:00hrs on the Rupert Craig Highway.

She was a passenger in a Route 44 minibus when a private motorcar, a RAV4, slammed into the side of the bus.

Her mother, 44-year-old Anita Ramjit, Marlyn Wilson, and Mohan Mangal are among the injured.

Ramjit is now traumatised and devastated. She and her daughter were heading into the city to purchase sanitisation supplies to protect themselves from COVID-19.

“I was going to town to get some stuff to clean the yard because of his virus that they said is going around, and I told my daughter if she is going with me, and she said wait till she finished [eating]. Then, she said ‘mommy, I am not going’, and then afterward, she changed her mind, and she said ‘yes mommy, I am going with you’, and my baby go with me a town and look at what happened,” the grieving mother told INews.

The minibus involved in the accident [Abel Harris photo]
The minibus driver claimed that he attempted to pull over in the corner when the RAV4 reportedly smashed into the side of the bus.

The private motorcar involved in the accident

But the motorcar driver told police that the minibus swerved into his lane to pick up a passenger when they collided.

According to Ramjit, “The [bus] driver was not speeding”.

“All I know is that the bus turn around and I watched back, and I saw the lady and my daughter and the door was on the conductor’s neck.”

“And my daughter’s head was outside, and when I watched I see a blue vehicle that they said grazed the bus and that is how the driver spin around to save us but when he did to save us on the concrete on the road, that is when the bus toppled over from there.”

“I helped myself to come out of the bus, and I come through the window, and people ran and helped me to come out the bus, and all I asking for is my daughter to take her to the hospital, but nobody helped me and [told] me that I have to wait until the ambulance comes and by the time my daughter reached the hospital they said she died,” the mother recalled.

Persons were arrested for stealing from the injured passengers

Meanwhile, at the accident scene, two men were arrested after they were caught stealing from the injured passengers.