Mother, daughter shot in New Amsterdam robbery

The home where the robbery and shooting occurred
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The home where the robbery and shooting occurred

A woman and her daughter were shot by an armed bandit at the woman’s shop situated at Patrick Dam Angoy’s Ave, New Amsterdam on Christmas Eve.

Angela Khedoroo 60, who operates a small grocery and confectionery business in front of her Patrick Dam home, told this publication that at about 22:30h on Monday, the eve before Christmas, she was attacked by a lone gunman.

The woman explained that she would normally close at about 22:00h but waited on her daughters to return with her grandchildren before she closed the shop.

After they arrived she said she allowed them to relax for a few minutes before she got up to begin the process.

“So I tell she, let we get up an go and lock up. So I get up and when I turnaround, the man had the gun right up to me and he say, ‘Give me the money. Give me all the money wha yo get’. So I say that I don’t have any money.”

Khedoroo said she explained that all of the money she had was invested into the business hoping to get returns for Christmas.

“Then the man take the gun and he point it at me and I just take my hand and push it away but maybe he feel that I think that it is an artificial gun so he decided to open fire on me.”

She was shot once to the left upper arm.

Afterwards, her daughter Anita Grimond, who was seated on the step, got up and rushed towards her and was also shot by the bandit.

The 40-year-old mother of one was also shot in the upper arm.

Both women began screaming and raised an alarm, prompting the gunman to flee the scene.

He left a pair of slippers as he scaled the back fence and ran through a neighbour’s yard.

A second pair of slippers was also found at the scene.

Before escaping however, the bandit took Khedoroo’s ring she was wearing.

Meanwhile, Grimond called out for her husband who was in their apartment which is situated at the far side of the building.

The man did not respond. When the injured woman pushed open the door she saw her husband lying on the floor gagged and bound and the apartment ransacked.

Monthy Leytch 52, a mason and carpenter, explained that at about 22:30h he was watching a movie when he heard a strange noise and moved a curtain to investigate.

“Is a gun in me face and the man say lie down on the ground. Where the money, where the jewelry and I say Buddy we ent got no money and jewelry.”

Grimond said a second man entered the building and ordered that he be restrained.

A belt and a bath towel were used to tie has hands behind his back as he lay face down.

“They stuff cardboard in my mouth and then they use a jersey and tie it so that it could remain in there. They tell me to call my mother-in-law and I tell him that I can’t call she an even if I call she, she wouldn’t leave the shop because nobody would be there to look the shop.”

Leytch said the apartment was ransacked but he could not say if they took anything other than his cellular phone.

One of the bandits left him and about ten minutes after he heard what appeared to be  gunshots.

The police are investigating the robbery.


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