More money, better qualified lecturers for UG – Education Minister says

Dr. Roopnaraine flanked by members of Guyana National Youth Council
Dr. Roopnaraine flanked by members of Guyana National Youth Council
Dr. Roopnaraine flanked by members of Guyana National Youth Council

[] – At a recent event held by the Guyana National Youth Council, Minister of Education, Dr Rupert Roopnarine acknowledged that the state of affairs at the University of Guyana is appalling.

Students, lecturers and concerned Guyanese have been calling for more focus to be placed on the development of the University of Guyana over the past number of years.

A press statement from the Ministry noted that having been a member of the University of Guyana’s Council, Dr. Roopnaraine said that UG is in a ‘mess.’ He told the gathering of young people that the Government will work to ensure that more money is allocated to the University.

Turning his attention to the quality of the lecturers, the minister stated that he does not want persons with first degrees to be lecturing at UG.

“I want to ensure that we have people there with academic and professional experience,” he added.

For the University to have the best cadre of lecturers and teachers to deliver the best education possible to students, the institution has to compete internationally to attract the type of well trained and experienced persons needed to lift the quality of education at that level.

“We must settle for nothing less,” he says.

The Education Minister also reiterated his desire to transform the system from as early as nursery to ensure that the nourishment is provided so that all students can have a rich and rewarding experience.

Dr. Roopnaraine said that he is currently in talks with a group of local musicians regarding the inclusion of music in the classroom.




  1. Doc what every Guyanese wants to see is a world class university. Do whatever it takes, BUT we need the Plan PLAN PLAN. one month in Governement and no plan for the university only talks.
    Give us the timelines and the plan… a watching


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