More crimes being solved – Crime Chief

Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum. [iNews' Photo]


Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum. [iNews' Photo]
Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The Guyana Police Force (GPF) has been solving a greater percentage of crime and this has been attributed to a reshuffling of resources, and the use of intelligence, says Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum.

Through these measures, Blanhum said that more cases are being cracked, as he cited one that evoked a lot of condemnation.

“We had a lot of criticisms about the Crum-Ewing murder probe, but finally we got a breakthrough. The suspect is before the court.”

Other successes include the dismantling of the East Bank Demerara -based 15- member gang headed by a man accused of murder. This unit was disbanded and its leader killed during a police operation to apprehend them.

Another gang, which targeted customers of banking establishments was also dismantled due to intelligence driven efforts, the Crime Chief explained.

 “We dented that group, we were able to prosecute members of that group…we are still doing investigations to see if we can charge them for other offences.”

This year has also resulted in the second highest rate of seizure for illegal firearms within the last five years, according to the Crime Chief, with 98 being removed from the streets thus far. He said that in 2012, 102 illegal firearms were seized.

“We are doing well in terms of our seizure rate, in terms of firearms”.

The guns seized are in addition to those handed in by citizens during the recently concluded firearms amnesty programme spearheaded by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The success rate of intercepting drug traffickers is also increasing with new methodologies being used to capture persons seeking to transport illegal narcotics through various ports of exit. For the Crime Chief, “a lot is going on, and the force will continue to step up its efforts.”

He urged that members of the public continue their cooperation with the Police Force in its crime fighting efforts since “crime has no face and affects everyone.”

The public is a key part in the fight against crime, he emphasised and all information provided will be treated with the strictest confidence. [GINA]



  1. come on Mr. Branhum , don’t give yourself such credit that more crimes are being solved, it is as simple as this CRIME is on the rise and as such there are supposed to be more arrests etc, that is no rocket science for anyone to understand that

  2. It would be nice to give us the public a back-ground profile on the credentials of our young Crime Chief of the Guyana Police Force Wendell Branhum,who even retired Police Officer from the 70s…80s..know nothing of..Notwithstanding the fact that he seem to be adopting an effective strategy implemented by our once Crime Chief/Commissioner of Police Carl “Bobo” Austin ..that is an active Intelligence gathering network on the streets of Guyana with registered and paid Informants..I don’t know if he has followed that with registering and paying them ..but what has been working in his favor is when the small-time bandits acted brazen enough to rob “connections” to the Under-ground street economy of Guyana as in the case of the recent ..Money Changers ..Robbery The Crime Chief/ Police need their connection to help solve crimes in Guyana and inside info on the illegal Drugs/Cocaine Trade in Guyana ..I’m getting to like this Crime Chief..Mr.Branhum..A breath of fresh air to eradicate the Crime epidemic in Guyana..

  3. Great work Sir. Ignore the divisive PPPC and its detractors and carry the fight to the criminals. In due time WE WILL PREVAIL! !

    Thanks to you and team who put their lives on line daily to keep us safe.

    We appreciate you!!!


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