Montrose fisherman hangs self at home


Relatives and friends of 36-year-old Trevon Ishrilall are still in a state of shock and grief after learning that the fisherman had committed suicide at his Montrose, East Coast Demerara (ECD) home on Monday night.

Reports are that Ishrilall who resided at lot 25 Third Street, Montrose, ECD, had been out imbibing alcoholic beverages with his fellow fisherman near the seawalls, which is a short distance from where he lived a few hours before the incident took place.

According to his mother, he was intoxicated when he returned home and was outside of the house in a hammock talking loudly which was routine whenever he was ‘high’.

The distraught woman stated that around 19:00h she told him to eat his dinner and ‘lock up’ the house when he was ready to go to bed and then she proceeded to the upper flat of the house with her husband, leaving her son alone in the yard.

It was not until sometime after that her older daughter and son-in-law had arrived that the discovery was made.

Trevon Ishrilall
Trevon Ishrilall

Natasha, the sister of the deceased, told INews that her mother had telephoned her requesting that she come with her husband to collect an engine for her husband’s fishing boat on the night in question instead of coming very early in the morning.

“My mother told me to come and I told her around 08:30PM I would come with my husband for the engine because he is a fisherman too…when we got here and he drove in with the vehicle my parents were on the verandah watching out for us and I asked them where Trevon was. They thought he went out back on the seawalls but I tell them how I see him standing up under the shed…when I go to him I see he was hanging by a rope,” the older sister painfully explained.

INews understands that Ishrilall was gasping for breath and Natasha rushed to hold his body upright while urging her husband to cut the rope around his neck.

Meanwhile, her parents hurried downstairs and the mother ran for a knife from the kitchen to have her son-in-law cut the rope as fast as possible.

“As soon as the rope cut we rush him to the hospital but when we arrive there they said he was already dead…he was never a suicidal person, he never said anything to indicate he was fed up with life or would have killed himself…even his friends who he was drinking with said he never mentioned any problem or threatened to commit suicide so we are shocked and puzzled,” Natasha said.

According to another relative, a Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officer has been “grilling” Natasha’s husband about the incident stating that they should not have cut the rope but awaited the arrival of the police before any action could have been taken.

The woman told INews that the entire family is grieving and disturbed by the turn of events and would have expected that the police have sympathy while conducting investigations such as suicide cases.

Ishrilall leaves to mourn his parents, his sister and brother and other relatives.





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