Months later: Body believed to be that of missing labourer yet to be identified

Patrick Vyfhuis

Close to three months after a partially decomposed body, believed to be that of Patrick Vyfhuis, was discovered in a mining camp, in Kuribrong, Region Eight (Potaro-Sipuruni), investigators are yet to determine the man’s identity.

Baffled family members are still trying to cope with the news of Vyfhuis’ death.

Odessia Spencer, the sister of the believed dead man said she is of the opinion that more ought to be done and noted that the family suspects his employers.

Commander of ‘F’ Division (Interior Locations), Kevin Adonis told this publication that the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) test is yet to be conducted as the man’s remains is housed at a mortuary in Georgetown.

During a previous interview the now dead man’s employers Alvin and Rosetta Jaisingh, of Soesdyke, related to this publication that the man was mentally unstable.

Rosetta Jaisingh explained that the man had left for the interior on July 11. She related that after he arrived at the mining camp he was acting strange and even told them that somebody wanted to kill him.

Jaisingh recalled, “He went in with my husband and when he go in everything was okay. He cooked and so. After they reach in everything was good. The next day now he came to my husband and he tell him that look (names given) coming to kill meh. Me husband said he turn and tell him bai relax yourself nah. So he said the night now he keep running into the bush and wan run to the creek and so”.

It was further related by her that other workers on the camp attempted to control the man’s alleged absurd behavior but failed.

She said as a result of this, on July 15, they were about to escort the man to his home.

“When he reach on the landing he start running up and down at all them shops. So they (ended up) getting him back into the cruiser and while going out now he messed his skin up so they stopped at a creek to wash off him because he can’t go in the vehicle like that. So when they stop now he run and gone in the bush,” Jaisingh said.

According to her three other employees again chased the man but failed in their attempts to recapture him.

A report she said was subsequently made to the Bartica and Mahdia Police Stations. The body she said was later discovered by a pork knocker some four miles away from the mining site.

The now dead man’s sister rebutted these allegations and stated that her brother did not suffer from any mental illnesses. The family remains shattered and are still hoping for justice.

The body, suspected to be that of Soesdyke villager, Vyfhuis was discovered on July 25, clad in a white T-shirt and grey jeans, along with a pair of blue sneakers.

Vyfhuis’s body was reportedly found some four miles away from the camp site where he was employed, and was later identified by his employer.

The man’s employers — of the said community from which Vyfhuis originated — are owners of a mining camp in the interior.




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