Mon Repos man stabbed to death by knife-wielding cousin

Ganesh Ramlakhan (in green) and the suspect, Vishal Baldeo, in happier times
Ganesh Ramlakhan (in green) and the suspect, Vishal Baldeo, in happier times

A 34-year-old carpenter who hails from Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara has reportedly been fatally stabbed on New Year’s day by his knife-wielding cousin. The incident occurred at about 15:00h.
The dead man has been identified as Ganesh Ramlakhan, 34, of Lot 127 First Street, Mon Repos, ECD, while the suspect is Vishal Baldeo, also called ‘Vicky’.

Reports indicate that Ramlakhan, a father of two, was in the yard when his cousin, who had returned from sea, pulled up in a motor car. The man reportedly whispered something into his ear before entering the house and returned with two knives in his hands.The suspect then reportedly stabbed Ramlakhan once to his chest and back, after which he collapsed. As relatives saw what had transpired, they rushed to the injured man’s rescue but were also injured by the perpetrator. Those injured are the victim’s uncle Richard Gowkarran and his father Ramlakhan Motilall.
Both men would have sustained injuries to their hands and heads. However, after injuring the two men, the suspect reportedly turned his attention again to the injured Ramlakhan, stabbed him several more times before making good his escape.  While it is not clear whether the suspect has been arrested as yet, the Police revisited the scene on Saturday morning and investigations are continuing.




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