Missing T&T woman was apparently stabbed to death


(Trinidad Guardian) A family of an accident victim, who were on their way to place flowers at the site where the woman was killed, stumbled on the decomposing body of another woman who was apparently stabbed to death.

Vanessa “Buffy” Ackie
Vanessa “Buffy” Ackie

They found the woman’s body near a tree down a precipice and called the police.

Officers of the Western Division responded.

Police later identified the woman’s body by her tattoos which covered most of her body. She was identified as Vanessa “Buffy” Ackie, 28, from St James. Police said they received information that Ackie was last seen alive on Saturday.

However, relatives claimed the woman was last seen alive last Tuesday.

Police said they saw what appeared to be stab wounds on the woman’s body but will confirm the cause of death following an autopsy today.

Police said family members of Candian Boisson, a school teacher killed in a car crash earlier this year along Morne Coco Road, Petit Valley, made the discovery around 4 pm yesterday.

Boisson, 29, of Upper Paramin Hill, Maraval, was travelling in a jeep which veered off the Morne Coco Road leading into Petit Valley and went down a precipice on May 18.

She was taken to hospital but died while being treated.


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