Another massive fire at Gafoors Houston Complex


By Ramona Luthi

The renovated bond attached to Gafoors Complex at Houston, East Bank Demerara was subjected to another  massive blaze a few hours ago, which once again resulted in the loss of millions for the owner, business magnate Sattaur Gafoor. The Gafoors complex was also destroyed by fire a few months ago.

When INews spoke to Mr Gafoor, he related that the manager of the bond had been waiting for his arrival since they had a scheduled meeting to discuss a few matters, and it was while he was conversing with the man that he was informed that the bond was on fire.

Mr Gafoor stated that he was unsure of how the fire started and thus could not confidently say that it was sabotage.

“The operations were totally shut off. I can’t say it is sabotage. Only the investigators can say that,” the businessman asserted.

He further informed this online publication that after the first fire earlier this year, the precautionary measures that were advised by the Guyana Fire Service were adhered to.

“We put measures like fire extinguishers, water…there is no electricity in the area as yet because we are still doing the wiring and there is no combustible material….so it is left for me to believe this (fire) is something other than a natural cause occurred here.”

According to Mr Gafoor, the newly renovated bond area contained tiles and white cement.

In response to whether employees would be relieved of their duties due to the disastrous fire, the businessman expressed hope that this would not be the case, saying that 80 persons work in the destroyed department.

However, employees will be able to know their fate tomorrow, as a general meeting is scheduled. He further expressed appreciation towards the Fire Service for their prompt response at the scene.

The  following photos of the fire scene were captured by INews photographer Carl Croker Displaying DSC_5873.JPG

Displaying DSC_5863.JPG

Displaying DSC_5866.JPG

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