Minor Fee to be paid for use of Parks during Easter Celebrations



Easter celebration in Guyana[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment in collaboration with the Protected Areas/ National Parks Commission are making the following arrangements for the use of the Urban Parks for the Easter holidays.

On Easter Monday (April 21, 2014), a nominal fee will be charged for vendors and patrons wishing to take their vehicles (buses, cars, SUVs, motor-cycles) into the Botanical Gardens and the Northern side of Joe Vieira. Similarly, fees will be charged at the National Park by the duly authorized franchise holder.

These fees will primarily be used to offset the expenses incurred in cleaning the Gardens and Parks of the usual garbage and debris left in the aftermath of kite flying and picnicking at these venues.  

The following arrangements will be in place at the respective venues:                                                                                                                                                                                

  Botanical Gardens and Zoo:

·         The Botanical Gardens Vlissengen Road Gates will be open to vehicular traffic from 06:00hrs (6 am) until 17:30 hrs (5:30 pm). ALL VEHICLES WILL HAVE TO EXIT THE GARDENS USING THE MANDELA AVENUE GATES.

·         The Vlissengen Road Gates will be closed at 17:30 hrs (5:30 pm), and all vehicles must exit the Gardens via the Mandela Avenue Gates by 18:30 HRS (6:30 pm).

·         The Mandela Avenue Gates will NOT permit entrance of vehicles into the Gardens.

·         Vehicles will NOT be allowed on or in front of the Zoo access road.

National Park:

·         All events in the National Park on Easter Day will be managed by an Authorized franchise holder.

Joe Vieira Park – WCD:

·         The gates will be open to vehicular traffic from 07:30hrs (7:30 am).

Additional trash receptacles and bags will be made available to the public at these locations. Patrons are asked to dispose of their waste in these receptacles. Park Volunteers will be present to answer questions and provide garbage bags where available.



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