Ministry, NGOs partner to offer ICT training for citizens

One of the robots that was built at the STEM Guyana one-day training workshop.

With the allocation of approximately G$10M for the technological training of persons, the Ministry of Public Telecommunications has been collaborating with several agencies to conduct training sessions for persons of all ages across the nation.  The Ministry’s Industry and Innovation Department (IID) is the unit overseeing the training and outreaches that will be conducted this year.

The Innovation Department, in collaboration with the non-governmental groups CAFRA and Guyana and Virtuous Women on a Mission of Linden, facilitated a computer literacy workshop for grassroots organizations at the Linden Technical Institute from January 29 – February 2, the Department of Public Information (DPI) has reported.

The Information Communication Technology (ICT) training better equipped the members with the necessary technical skills needed to manage their businesses, strengthen the organisation’s advocacy and assist in their personal lives. The areas covered Utilizing Social Media, the Web and other tools for Advocacy.  Volunteer course facilitators included Dr. Rosh Khan from Master Class Institute, Akola Thompson, Help and Shelter, and Sade Barrow-Brown, Intellect Storm Incorporated.

From February 1-3, the Ministry collaborated with STEM Guyana to launch a series of certification sessions for technology leaders who are interested in establishing technology clubs in their communities. The one-day training workshop in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) and Robotics, was aimed at equipping them with requisite skills.

One of the robots that was built at the STEM Guyana one-day training workshop.

Karen Abrams of STEM Guyana explained that winners of the competition will then form a national league to compete internationally. Abrams also announced that a second round of training will be held in March. “We hope to launch the league in March so we expect teams to be competing in NDCS, within regions to determine the National champion,” DPI said

The newly certified coaches all said the training has been interesting and they are anticipating taking their new-found knowledge back to their communities, DPI reported



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