Ministerial pay hike saga: GTUC says citizens reject ‘contempt, abuse of resources”,  wants ‘judicious attention’ to matter

GTUC President Lincoln Lewis,  Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, Minister of Social Protection Volda Lawrence, Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection Simona Broomes, FITUG President Carvil Duncan and GAWU’s Deputy Ashin Singh
GTUC President Lincoln Lewis, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, Minister of Social Protection Volda Lawrence, Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection Simona Broomes, FITUG President Carvil Duncan and GAWU’s Deputy Ashin Singh

[] – The Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC), known for its vocal support for the APNU-AFC government, has recanted from its earlier support for the 50% ministerial pay hike.

The GTUC in a release stated: “The citizens’ response to the increase of remuneration for ministers and parliamentarians calls for commitment from the government that would result in decision that society can accept and respect. While there may be an absent of scientific polling to gauge overall opinion on pertinent issues in society, the continuous, sustained and heightened voices, inclusive of that from varied and unexpected sources, are enough to warrant the government’s judicious attention.”

The release added: “On 11th May the citizens fired the PPP/C for their arrogance, abuse of State resources and laws, and contempt for the masses. On this same day the citizens hired the APNU+AFC to form the new government. By this single most important act the citizens sent a message that PPP’s hubris and violations will not be tolerated from the APNU+AFC. We are witnessing this today in the reaction to the salary issue.”

The GTUC contends; “2015 has seen growth in our politics and citizens’ activism. GTUC reminds the politicians the power and authority they use are vested in them by the citizens. Ultimately politicians are accountable to the citizens and must never lose sight of this principle. As this salary outcry is increasing and being sustained beyond the proverbial ‘nine days’ it requires good sense prevailing on the part of the government.GTUC’s position on the salary issue is that of process. It is our belief that if you start wrong, you will end wrong. The product from the application of a wrong process will be questionable and this in part is driving the outcries today.” 

The trade union body says that “ his nation must therefore see reinstatement of collective bargaining and respect for fundamental rights and freedoms as a matter of priority. Collective bargaining must commence in the Public Sector, which will ensure the resetting of relativity in the Wage and Salary Structure, from which ministers, parliamentarians and other public servants will earn wages/salary and conditions of employment as a result of the process.”

This comes after Governance Minister Raphael Trotman on Wednesday stated that the electorate should trust the APNU+AFC administration in its decision to hike the salaries of Ministers.

Trotman stated that he does not believe the increases are “astronomical”; adding that if comparative studies were to be done across the region, it would show the proposed salaries are not above the norm.


  1. Apnu/afc appoint 10 REO, nine afro guyanese and 1 indian, who is incidentally an AFC activists . Way to naggas and rumjattan, ethnic balance.

  2. Cockroach burndum the ppp left you and others like you still sleeping, wake up,reality of you still sleeping and dreaming is THEY THIEF 2 much,these in power now will justify the pay raise by jailing nuff of you idiots, time longer tank 23 yrs of crime,,,the AP- confused will only be in for 5,,so take a 5 and stop sleeping,

  3. Is The same people who want change get change why cry now it’s just an alligator tears for them get to work like slave to full all the minister pockets now till 2020 ,but if the vote will count at place of polls p.p.p/c was really bad and was fool by this government who was the then opposition tell people that will find job for them as soon the go in power, but fired fired left right and center going on now ,less money in the backdam for gold ,fish .wood, rice ,sugar the good for nothing that had one time Guyana just hanging on to savage us from those days when the man called Burnham and his troops killed this country people of all walks of life had to leaves this land ,he made families separated for many many years and something leaves for good because of what was taking place ,and soon that will take place trust me in 4 month in new year people will start beat out from this place 50% they will eats one another time to come right in this same government p.n.c./a.f.c will soon split before the next election hear me now start to protest them or else bad luck for Guyana and her people take note people

  4. Granger say the salary increase is mandatory because the PPP ministers used to make a lower salary but thief….so I guess it is OK for the PNC regime to openly thief and force the public to accept it! What did the Granger led regime has done so far?” Kill the economy, kill tourism (flight from Guyana to Toronto used to be $750 under PPP-now it is $1200 under PNC), increase the crime rate and yet getting a salary increase? These crooks do not care about the Guyana economy or the people-If you take close notice, they are more concern on how to Jail/get rid of Bharrat and his ministers before next election to allow further rigging….It is the same mentality Burhnam/Hoyte/Green used back in the PNC days…lets jail or kill or exile ALL good politician in Guyana so we can cling to power and ruin the country.

  5. I hear that Granger say he is not interested in wealth but it seem like we all forget these are the same PNC Burnham regime people them.

  6. i expected better..if we do a comparative study…u will find every countrys economic dynamics isnt the u cant compare our already declining economy and other ministers salary in the craibbean region with ours.Even if u want to deter corruption..this was not the appropriate time for this.and the responses when ppl voiced their opinion was mr ramjattan told police if u dont like salart..leave the force..interesting..

  7. State funds is being “ABUSED” again by the dictatorial PNC !
    Way to go PNC!! Come on let’s hustle up and empty the treasury that the PPP has left full.
    I think Granger should name two more vice President just in case Nagamootoo and Ramjattan took ill and died suddenly?
    PNC will soon get thirty three Ministers.
    What happened to the police increase that Ramjattan used to cry about?

  8. Those who forget the past misdeeds of the previous administration are condemned to repeat their mistakes – George Santayana.( and will be voted out in 2020.


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