Minister Broomes to sue Guyana Times for “scandalous” article

Junior Minister of Social Protection Simona Broomes [iNews Photo]

Junior Minister of Social Protection Simona Broomes [iNews Photo]
Junior Minister of Social Protection Simona Broomes [iNews Photo]
[] – Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection Simona Broomes is refuting what she describes as the “scandalous, scurrilous and mendacious Guyana Times article which erroneously states: Minister Broomes mining lucrative Amerindian lands.”

As such, Broomes says she plans to sue the Guyana Times. The newspaper carried an article under the caption “land titling, conflict of interest fiasco brewing….Minister Broomes mining lucrative Amerindian lands-while justice denied to villagers awaiting title after eight years.”

A statement from Broomes noted that “the newspaper scandalously reports that Minister Broomes is among several persons involved in lucrative mining operations in Tasserene an Akwaio community located in the Upper Mazaruni, Region. This report is libelous and scandalous. Minister Broomes has never mined in the areas specified, and has not engaged in active mining for over two years.”

According to the statement, the three blocks – B-149/MP/100, B-149/MP/001 and B150/MP000 – which the Guyana Times erroneously reports to have been issued in April 2013 were issued as prospecting permits to Broomes on August 16, 2006.

It was noted that in 2012, Broomes entered into an exploration agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) with Pharsalus Gold Inc (Troy Resources) to do medium scale prospecting on properties owned by her.

“Block B-149/MP001 was transferred to Persaud &Associates Trust Inc. (Guyana Company No. 7026) on 28th November 2014. As stated before Ms. Simona Broomes ceased to be an active miner over two years ago. As President of the Guyana Women’s Miners Organisation, Ms. Broomes has never engaged in mining in Amerindian areas.”

The statement further noted that “If the Sunday Times had engaged in ethical journalistic practices and called on the Minister for a response to the erroneous claims the newspaper would have avoided the law suit for Libel and slander which will be filed.”



  1. I will say it again. This woman has no place in a government that plans to be transparent and of high ethical standards.

    Colaltion you need to have this lady remit office with haste!


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